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Cinekid Script LAB

Cinekid Script LAB is a six-month script-training programme for writers with a children's film project. The training was initiated by Cinekid in 2014, and takes place during Cinekid for Professionals in October, and the Berlinale the following February.

The event is co-funded by national institutes such as Flanders Audiovisual Fund (BE), Norwegian Film Institute (NO), Swedish Film Institute (SE), Netherlands Film Fund (NL), Icelandic Film Centre (IC) and Finnish Film Foundation (FI).

During the Cinekid Script LAB, an international group of writers and writer/directors will work on their plans for children’s feature films. The programme offers tailor-made coaching and training; it answers to the specific writer’s and story’s needs, along a six-month trajectory.

Points of focus

  • Offering a specific focus on writing for young audiences
  • Improving the writing and pitching skills of its participants
  • Development towards a new (and better) draft of their script
  • Connecting writers who are working on scripts for young audiences
  • Increasing the international network of its participants
  • Facilitating an exchange of knowledge among its participants

You can find the projects selected for the 2018/2019 edition through this link.

Open call
As of the 2017/2018 edition of Cinekid Script LAB, it is possible to participate without a nomination as well as through one of the partnering institutes. Six projects are selected through our partners, and six projects are selected from our open call. The call for projects for the 2018/2019 edition is now closed for submissions. For questions, kindly contact

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Get to know the coaches of Script LAB

Esther van Driesum - Head of Studies
Esther van Driesum was Head of Programmes at the Amsterdam-based Binger Filmlab for ten years. She now runs her own independent consultancy which focuses on project and talent development, and works as a script consultant on a structural basis with the Dutch production house BIND. Esther was involved in setting up the Cinekid Script LAB in 2014 and has been Head of Studies ever since

Jacques Akchoti (FR) - Script coach live-action
Jacques is a renowned screenwriter and script consultant who has worked with directors such as Lars von Trier and Jean-Jacques Beineix. He has received many accolades for several cinema and television productions. Jacques teaches writing and directing at the Femis (National French Filmschool).

Rasmus Horskjær (DK) - Script coach live-action
Rasmus Horskjær is a freelance writer, director and concept developer. Rasmus has played an active part in developing Danish film and television for younger audiences. He has supported and co-developed 11 feature films on behalf of the Danish Film Institute. Antboy (2013), When Animals Dream (2014), and In The Blood (2016) are the noted few among others.

Mieke de Jong (NL) - Script coach live-action
Mieke writes for film and television, for children and grown-ups. Her filmography includes Bonkers (Best Children's Film Audience Award at Cinekid), Spoon, Eep (Berlinale), Winter in Wartime (Oscar nomination Best Foreign Film), Tony 10, Rintje, Mr. Frog and television series Remi, Nobody's Boy (Best Script TV-series, Dutch Writers Guild). Apart from writing her own work, Mieke is a coach for scriptwriters all over the world.

Boudewijn Koole (NL) - Script Coach documentary + Scripts in Action coach
Boudewijn Koole is creative producer at Witfilm. He is advisor and coach to filmmakers during the development, shooting and editing of their films. He made several, mainly youth-, documentaries, such as Tommie and Pierlala. More recently he added a focus on directing and writing fiction films. The children’s film Kauwboy (Little Bird) was sold to 14 countries and won more than 30 prizes worldwide.

Eva Svenstedt Ward (SE) – Script coach live-action
Eva is a live-action script coach and has been involved in a variety of Swedish productions. Some of the projects Eva has been involved in include creative producer for 52 part children's series The Roofters, script and story consultant for The Millennium Trilogy, based on the novels by Stieg Larsson including The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and executive script editor on the 6 feature film adaptations of novels by Liza Marklund.

Paul Wells (UK) - Script coach animation
Paul Wells is Director of the Animation Academy (part of the School of Arts, Loughborough University), a research group dedicated to cutting edge engagement with Animation and related moving image practices. Paul is an internationally established scholar, screenwriter and director, having published widely in Animation and Film Studies, and written and directed numerous projects for theatre, radio, television and film.

Programme outline

October (during Cinekid for Professionals)
• Introduction to fellow participants; individual coaching
• Individual coaching
• Plenary workshop (Test & Pitch with Kids)
• Come back sessions
• Participation in Cinekid for Professionals

November to January
• Follow-up sessions
• Participants reconnect with their coach to discuss their progress (by phone or Skype)

February (during Berlinale)
• Individual coaching
• Screening(s) Generation program
• Plenary workshop (Scripts in Action)
• Presentations by industry experts
• Come back sessions
• Participation in the Berlinale

• Individual online aftercare sessions

Script LAB is organised in close collaboration with these international partner organisations and funding bodies:
Netherlands Film Fund (NETHERLANDS)
Finnish Film Foundation (FINLAND)
Flanders Audiovisual Fund (BELGIUM)
Icelandic Film Centre (ICELAND)
Norwegian Film Institute (NORWAY)
Swedish Film Institute (SWEDEN)


Cinekid Script LAB is supported by

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