Junior Co-production Market


The submissions for the 2017 edition of the Cinekid Junior Co-production Market is now closed.

The Junior Co-production Market is an integrated two-day co-production market that enables financiers, broadcasters and producers to assess new and innovative children's projects across the film and television sectors.

The integrated market reflects the high degree of interactivity and potential for cross-financing across these sectors. All the projects will be presented within a unique and nurturing environment designed to encourage international cooperation. The market starts with a public pitch of all the projects followed by one and a half days of one-on-one meetings. The upcoming Junior Co-production Market will take place on 26 and 27 October 2017 in Amsterdam. Please find the selected film, television and cross-media projects of the 2016 edition below.



There were two awards up for grabs in 2016. Firstly, the Burny Bos Best Project Award (€2.500 cash prize) for best overall project was handed out during the Junior Co-production Market. 

Secondly, the prestigious Eurimages Co-production Development Award for the co-production, distribution, exhibition and digitisation of European cinematographic works was handed out. This prize of €20.000 in cash can be used by the award-winner for the development expenses of their project. To be eligible, projects must be aiming for cinema release, and must be designed as a European co-production between at least two member states of the Eurimages Fund for reasons other than purely financial.


Attending Professionals

TV Buyers that attended previous years include: YLE, SVT, NRK, UR, Super RTL, Z@pp, VRT, KIKA, BR, RAI, HRT, IRIB Media Trade, Czech TV, Orange, BNT, ZDF, PTS Taiwan, Pakapaka, Nickelodeon, etc.

Sales agents and distributors include: High Point Media, Jekino Films, Cinéart, Attraction Distribution, New Europe Film Sales, Global Screen, Sola Media, Level K, Latido Films, Nelvana, etc.

Production companies include: Badi Badi, BosBros, Copenhagen Bombay, Dandelooo, Filmbin, Filmlance, Gobi Studio, Hamster Film, HIERROanimacion, Human Ark, Lemming Film, Les Films d’Antoine, Maipo Film, Plug-In Media, Productions Avenida, Sago Sago, Snowcloud Films, Studio POWWOW, Ulysses Film, Walking the Dog, Zodiak Finland, etc.





Cross-Media Projects

  • HELIUM, written and directed by Liv Karin Dahlstrøm, produced by Fabelaktiv as (Norway)
  • MISS MOGUL, written by Matthew Roche, directed by Ruth Treacy, produced by Tailored Films (Ireland)
  • HET MUIZENHUIS, written by Camiel Schouwenaar, Fiona Van Heemstra, Steve Middleton, directed by Camiel Schouwenaar, produced by Rubinstein Pictures (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany)
  • THE PIRACY OF PRINCESS PRICELESS, written by Balázs Turai and Flora Anna Buda, directed by Balázs Turai, produced by Adriatic Animation (Croatia, Hungary)
  • ROSA AND DARA AND THEIR GREAT ADVENTURES, written by Tomáš Končinský, Štefan Titka, Kateřina Karhánková, Kristýna Nedvědová, Hynek Trojánek, directed by Martin Duda, produced by Bionaut (Czech Republic)
  • SUPER SPECIAL, written and directed by Felix Massie, produced by Nexus Productions (United Kingdom)


Film Projects

  • 16, written and directed by Kenneth Elvebakk, produced by Fuglene AS (Norway)
  • LOS BANDO IMMORTALE, written by Arild Tryggestad, directed by Christian Lo, produced by Filmbin (Norway, Sweden)
  • BINTI, written and directed by Frederike Migom, produced by Bulletproof Cupid (Belgium, the Netherlands)
  • THE COTTON WOOL WAR, written and directed by Marília Hughes, Cláudio Marques, produced by Coisa de Cinema (Brazil)
  • THE DRAGONFLY, written and directed by Bishnu Dev Halder, produced by Courtyard Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (India)
  • EIA´S CHRISTMAS AT PHANTOM OWL FARM, written and directed by Anu Aun, produced by Kinosaurus Film (Estonia)
  • THE FILM OF PONY AND PIGEONBOY, written by Veera Salmi, Hannamaija Matila, directed by Mari Rantasila, produced by Pohjola-filmi (Finland, Norway)
  • FRITZI – A MIRACULOUS REVOLUTIONARY TALE, written by Beate Völker, directed by Ralf Kukula, Matthias Bruhn, produced by Balance Film GmbH, TrickStudio Lutterbeck GmbH (Germany, Czech Republic)
  • THE GREEDY SWIMMING COACH, written by Joyce van Diepen, directed by Kaj Driessen, produced by Corrino Media Group (the Netherlands)
  • HAND IN HAND, written by Erik Ahrnbom, Grethe Bøe-Waal, directed by Grethe Bøe-Waal, produced by MINT ab (Sweden, Norway, Germany)
  • IBRACADABRA, written by Sören Olsson, directed by Karzan Kader, produced by HOBAB (Sweden)
  • JACOB, MIMMI AND THE TALKING DOGS, written by Līga Gaisa, directed by Edmunds Jansons, produced by Atom Art (Latvia)
  • MUHAMMED ALI, written and directed by Ümit Köreken, Nursen Çetin Köreken, produced by DRAMAYAPIM Film Medya, (Turkey, France)
  • NEXT DOOR SPY, written and directed by Karla Bengtson, produced by Copenhagen Bombay Rights (Denmark)
  • RASPBERRIES WITH MUSTARD, written by Ruth Olshan, Heike Fink, directed by Ruth Olshan, produced by zischlermann filmproduktion GmbH (Germany)
  • ROSIE AND MOUSSA, written by Michael De Cock, directed by Dorothée Van den Berghe, produced by Caviar (Belgium, the Netherlands)
  • SUMMER WITH BERNARD, written by Silke Schulz, Martina Saková, directed by Martina Saková, produced by SiLVERaRT (Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic


Television Projects

  • 16 HUDSON, created by Aly Jetha & Shabnam Rezaei, directed by Shabnam Rezaei, produced by Big Bad Boo Studios (Canada)
  • COPPELIA, written by Tamara Bos, directed by Jeff Tudor, Steven de Beul and Ben Tesseur, produced by Submarine and 3 Minutes West (the Netherlands, Belgium, France)
  • DOOPIE, written and directed by Meikeminne Clinckspoor, Maarten van Voornveld, produced by NTR (the Netherlands)
  • HUNGRY BEAR TALES, written and directed by Katerina Karhankova, Alexandra Hetmerova, produced by Bionaut (Czech Republic)
  • THE SCRIBBLERS´ CLUB, written by Jacopo Armani, Fred Neuen, directed by Jacopo Armani, produced by Doghouse Films (Luxembourg)
  • PEEK ZOO, written by Kealan O' Rourke, Kevin Waldron, directed by Kealan O' Rourke, produced by Dream Logic Studios (Ireland)
  • URIKITO 3024, written, directed and produced by Mélanie Duval (France)



If you have any questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact us at professionals@cinekid.nl

Click here for the regulations of the Junior Co-production Market 2017.