Selectie Script LAB 2024-2025 bekend

Cinekid maakt de dertien geselecteerde projecten bekend voor het Script LAB van dit jaar.

Selectie Script LAB 2024-2025 bekend

Below is the original article in English:

Cinekid for Professionals is excited to announce the selection for the upcoming edition of our Script LAB programme, featuring thirteen projects from twelve countries. This six-month programme offers screenwriters a unique opportunity to develop their children’s films or series in a safe and professional environment.

The eleventh edition of the programme launches in Amsterdam during Cinekid Festival this October and ends during the Berlinale in February. In total nineteen writers will join, guided by internationally acclaimed script coaches.

We are thrilled to welcome both new participants and two returning alumni. In this year’s selection we are happy to include one documentary, four animation films, and three series, amongst others. The target age groups of the projects cover the entire range of the young audience focused on by Cinekid: 4-12 years old. This year we also have projects from India and Ireland joining us for the first time, ‘Chetak’ written by Bhuwan Somani and ‘The Island of the Great Yellow Ox’ written by Seamus Murphy-Mitchell, respectively.

The selection this year covers a range of different themes; in the coming-of-age film ‘Villa Victoria’ (written by Sara van Oostrum and Arne De Loore) we explore intergenerational dynamics between children and grandparents and come to the conclusion that families and homes really do come in all forms and sizes. In ‘How to Deal with Shattering Geists’ (written by Kajsa Næss and Marta Huglen Revheim) we encounter the supernatural on a young boys’ journey through the loss of a loved one. There’s also a need to process and tell stories about nostalgia, in projects such as ‘Movies Showing Nowhere’ (written by Martijn de Jong and Laura van Dijk), an adaptation of the popular novel, that movingly uses time travel as a tool for the protagonist to come to terms with their past.

Additionally, we are pleased to support emerging talent from Greece and Latvia; the projects ‘Home Court’ (written by Elpida Nikou and Rodrigo Hernandez) and ‘Tongues’ (written by Lote Eglite and Tina Zarina) will receive scholarships to participate.

Script LAB has a strong track record of festival success, with recent alumni projects premiering at major international festivals. A notable recent achievement was ‘Young Hearts’ (written by Anthony Schatteman) which premiered at Berlinale 2024 and was a participant in the 2021-2022 edition.

Sara Juričić (Head of Cinekid for Professionals) and Jessica Cohen (Coordinator Cinekid for Professionals) comment: "It’s an exciting time for Cinekid’s Script LAB as year after year we’re impressed by the amount of talent coming to us seeking support. This time around we’re happy to welcome writers from two new countries in our selection, ensuring we continue diversifying the landscape of independent children’s media and foster a sustainable platform for international knowledge exchange. We strongly feel these new perspectives will provide a new angle and inspire their peers to continue building a vibrant and inclusive future for children’s storytelling".

“Last year, I was a participant at the Cinekid Script LAB. The LAB has been a very inspiring and fun experience. The sessions with my script coach, peer and other workshops have tremendously helped with the development of my script. It was great to be part of a diverse group of European screenwriters and to immerse myself in a well-designed international programme.”
- Eva Keuris, former participant and writer of 'Bizarre' and 'Warrior Hear'

About Cinekid Script LAB 

Cinekid Script LAB offers a unique chance to develop children's films or series with guidance from internationally renowned coaches and the support of their fellow writers. Participants receive specific guidance and valuable networking opportunities. In addition, the LAB offers valuable networking opportunities at two world-leading industry events for children’s media: Cinekid for Professionals and the Berlinale. The LAB emphasizes team building and idea sharing in a supportive environment.

Our partners

Cinekid Script LAB is funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA programme and is organised with the support of the Athens International Children’s Film Festival, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Icelandic Film Centre, Netherlands Film Fund, Norwegian Film Institute, and the Swedish Film Institute.  

Full List of projects 

Villa Victoria (film / live action) 9+
Participating writers: Sara van Oostrum, Arne De Loore
Produced by: The Argonauten (Belgium)
Nominated by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund

Home Court (film / documentary) 11+
Participating writers: Elpida Nikou, Rodrigo Hernandez
Produced by: Anemon Productions, SGV (Greece)
Co-produced by: BIND (The Netherlands) and Hedgehog (United States)

My Name is Lulo! (series / animation) 3+
Participating writer: Effie Pappa
Produced by: Anemon Productions (Greece)
Nominated by: Athens International Children’s Film Festival

Night Mare (series / live action) 10+
Participating writer: Aevar Thor Benediktsson
Produced by: Sagafilm (Iceland)
Nominated by: Icelandic Film Centre

Chetak (film / live action) 7+
Participating writer: Bhuwan Somani
Produced by: Studio Ainak (India)

Two Sisters (film / live action) 8+
Participating writer: Antonio Bigini
Produced by: Kiné Società Cooperativa (Italy)

Tongues (film / live action) 12+
Participating writers: Lote Eglite, Tina Zarina
Produced by: Munchhausen Films (Latvia, Estonia)

Sammy (film / live action) 4+
Participating writer: Caya de Groot
Produced by: Keplerfilm (The Netherlands)
Nominated by: Netherlands Film Fund

Movies Showing Nowhere (film / live action) 10+
Participating writer: Martijn de Jong
Produced by: Family Affair Films (The Netherlands)

How to deal with shattering geists (film / animation) 7+
Participating writers: Kajsa Næss, Marta Huglen Revheim
Produced by: Mikrofilm AS (Norway)
Nominated by: Norwegian Film Institute

Handbook for Superheroes 2 - The longest night (film/ animation) 7+
Participating writer: Anoo Bhagavan
Produced by: Stiller Studios AB (Sweden)
Nominated by: Swedish Film Institute 

The Island of the Great Yellow Ox (film / live action) 8+
Participating writer: Seamus Murphy-Mitchell
Produced by: Keeper Pictures (Ireland)

Tiny Fox and Great Boar (series / animation) 3+
Participating writers: Rafał Skarżycki, Berenika Kołomycka
Produced by: EGoFILM (Poland)

Cinekid for Professionals are:
Sara Juricic – Head of Cinekid for Professionals
Jessica Cohen – Cinekid for Professionals Coordinator

For more details, please contact:
Noa Kolker Walton – Cinekid for Professionals Marketing at

The still in the header is from the film ‘Young Hearts’ (written by Anthony Schatteman), which was part of the Cinekid Script LAB 2021-2022 and premiered at Berlinale 2024. © Thomas Nolf

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