VPRO Medialab Meet Up @ Cinekid

Tuesday 18 October 2016
09:30 – 12:30
Het Schip - Torenzaal (Oostzaanstraat 45, Amsterdam)
Tickets: €10,- SOLD OUT



VPRO Medialab Meet up: Anticipating the future of storytelling

Broadcasting companies tell stories on TV, radio and the internet. But nowadays stories can be found everywhere: on your body, in the train or on your phone. How can we use new and unexpected platforms to tell these stories? Which story suits which medium? And above all, how do you reach an audience in these particular situations? VPRO Medialab is going up and down the country with the travelling dialogue ‘VPRO Medialab Meet Up’ to find out what the future holds for storytelling. Media makers and storytellers with all kinds of backgrounds and disciplines come together to discover new things and inspire each other. Programme developers, journalists, creative coders, game designers, artists and innovation experts can all partake in these meet ups.

Five media festivals, five chapters

Together with five national media festivals VPRO will research five aspects of storytelling. Their first stop is TodaysArt on 23 September, which focuses on non-fictional stories: how does one imagine and tell non-fictional formats differently? Here at Cinekid in October the focus will be on Immersive stories: how do you lure children into a story with mixed reality formats like VR and AR? Stories in Data at the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam in November will dive into data journalism and visualisation, and during Eurosonic/Noorderslag in Groningen Spreading Stories will be the main subject. Then finally, at STRP Biënnale in March 2017 all these chapters come together and the fifth aspect, Mobile Storytelling, is added at a big conference.

Meet the makers

At every VPRO Medialab Meet Up we will invite six inspiring makers from all over the globe. Two of them have a presentation on storytelling and afterwards everyone will pick their favourite storyteller and six groups will form. In this personal setting you’ll dissect and analyse how the medium influences the story, which format suits the medium best and how you can help the maker and vice versa.

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Curious how makers an artists use different platforms and media to tell their story? Do you want to join the conversation with the makers? The amount of people that can join is limited, so make sure to buy your ticket in advance. 

VPRO Medialab Meet Up @ Cinekid: Immersive Stories

The second Meet Up of VPRO's travelling dialogue is at the Cinekid Festival and will take place on 18 October. Cinekid focuses on the quality of media for children. Like Cinekid VPRO also wants children to pro-actively participate in the creation of media and to develop a more critical perception. The VPRO Medialab Meet Up is part of Cinekid Festival’s programme and is about Immersive Stories.  How do you lure children into a story with mixed reality formats like VR and AR? How can you convey a story without a real storyline? Ersin Han Ersin from Marshmellow Laserfeast will be one of the guest speakers. He will be talking about the Treehugger virtual reality experience. 
Five more makers will be added to the programme line-up soon.

Confirmed Speakers

Elfie Tromp (moderator)


Elfie Tromp is an awarded author of novels, columns and essays. She is an eager storyteller and host that is always looking for the best way to get a message across to her audience.

Geert-Jan Bogaerts

Geert-Jan Bogaerts is Head of the department of digital media of Dutch broadcaster VPRO. He is Member of management team and responsible for digital channels and innovation and distribution strategy. Next to this, he is entrepreneur in his new media consultancy named Raker. He is a journalist and editor with 15+ years of experience in financial reporting and international political & economic affairs Involved in developing new media/internet strategies at leading Dutch daily De Volkskrant. 

Ersin Han Ersin

Ersin Han Ersin is a visual artist working within convergent digital arts, he is also creative director of Marshmallow Laser Feast. His work focuses on interaction between virtual spaces, light and body, including the tension between real and synthesised experiences.  He has designed, directed and collaborated for the likes of New Movement Collective Nest, Imogen Heap-Me the Machine and Marshmallow Laser Feast- In the Eyes of The Animal.  Ersin’s work has been exhibited around the world including Lisbon Triennial, Istanbul Design Biennale, Sundance Film Festival, London, New York, and Shanghai.

Yorick Goldewijk 
Yorick Goldewijk is one of the founders at SonicPicnic, mainly specialised in music composition. He likes to think he has a strong conceptual mind and an original, somewhat melancholy, musical signature. SonicPicnic creates music and sound for all kinds of media, but is especially skilled in creating adaptive sound for interactive media such as games. Their philosophy on audio: Sound offers an incredible freedom of interpretation to an observer. People are much better trained in analysing visual incentives than aural ones. A listening person is, in other words, green and open-minded, and if you know what you're doing, you can guide them anywhere you can imagine.

Raul A. Gutierrez

Raul Gutierrez is the founder and CEO of Tinybop Inc., a Brooklyn-based studio of designers, engineers, and artists building elegant, educational iOS apps for kids around the globe. The company champions curiosity, tinkering, and good plain fun. Inspired by vintage children’s books, toys, and films, the company designs digital toys that dive into the wonders of our everyday world.

Jennifer Kanary

The artist Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a) has a keen interest in understanding how art is a form of knowledge production, in particular in a scientific context Jennifer recently finished her artistic research PhD project Labyrinth Psychotica Simulating Psychotic Phenomena conducted in The Planetary Collegium with Plymouth University. She has presented her art practice roomforthoughts and her research in numerous countries as general presenter as well as keynote speaker.

Simon van der Linden

Simon van der Linden is a founder, co-owner and designer at Monobanda PLAY. Monobanda PLAY makes projects that explore human expression and meaningful interaction. Our core aesthetic is ‘play’. A state of being that all human beings share, and facilitates our best traits, like creativity, communication, motivation and self-confidence. Inspired by the social interactions that are found on a playground or in a sandbox, where creativity and imagination run free, we make projects that inhabit the space between the virtual and physical world. This means we always try to create experiences where people discover something new about themselves through playful behaviour. Something that is always both personal and totally universal. Our work ranges from commissioned  installations and games for museums, festivals and exhibitions, to self-initiated projects that can be anything from artworks to applied games. Play is everywhere after all. Simon enjoys making contact in a playful way so that people feel the freedom to explore new boundaries of their creative being. 

Sander Veenhof

Sander Veenhof is an independent developer of formats based on interactions happening in both the virtual and the physical realm. After working with augmented reality for years, he currently creates multi-user VR experiences, to be used by people at one location. The opportunity to reach a pop-up audience anywhere anytime with mobile AR or VR, thanks to the smartphone in everyone's pocket, as a fascination of Veenhof. But at the same time, he has his concerns too about the growing impact of technology on our society, which is turning our personal life into a complicated ICT project. His creations, often cooperations with (theatre)writers or performance artists, promote an alternative approach to technology. With a focus on fiction, instead of efficiency. Local encounters, instead of global connectedness. And a preference for lo-tech solutions, sometimes leading to an even more immersive experience than a hi-tech effort. As shown in the GuesswhatVR 360° quiz or the guided "cyborg" walks through a GPS-based VR landscape where a human was used to enrich technology, and to move beyond the limitations of technology.

Klasien van Zandschulp

Klasien van de Zandschulp is an interaction designer and the co-founder of Lava Lab (design & technology innovation lab). Her work focuses on designing the way people interact with and use their digital environment often blending mixed reality and digital storytelling. She has vast experience in initiating and founding projects including the first virtual festival ‘Zo niet, dan toch’, the location based audio platform HearUsHere, and gamified silent disco app DuoDisco. Her latest projects are ‘iPerform’, that takes you on a physical expedition through the Van Gogh museum and the art education program #GoldenAge, that allows a young museum audience to chat with the 17th Century portraits from the collection of Amsterdam Museum and Rijksmuseum.