Cinekid ScreeningClub Selection 2017

We are proud to announce the selection for the Cinekid for Professionals 2017 edition of the Cinekid ScreeningClub. It is a total of 300 productions from almost 50 countries worldwide and you can view the complete list below.

Professionals from all over the world could view the productions included in the ScreeningClub in one of the private screening booths from the 24th to the 27st of October. In 2018 the screeningclub will be opened from the 23th till the 26th of October. 

ScreeningClub Selection 2017



English titleLogline DirectorCountry of productionYear completed
A Bit LostLittle Owl has fallen from his nest and landed on the ground. Helene Ducrocq DucrocqFrance2017
Ambassadors of the CosmosTwo cute little puppy goes for an extraterrestrial journey and meet aliens, who are surprised by the representatives of the  space travelers.Béla KlinglHungary2017
Analysis ParalysisAnton’s head is bursting with thoughts.Anete MeleceSwitzerland2016
AportFunny story about three dogs who play ball. Aport!Denis VoroninRussia2016
AwakerThe life of an awaker in a cold nordic country. Filip DiviakCzech Republic2017
Awesome Beetle's ColorsA nearly impossible story, supported by a catchy melody, guides us through the ABCs.Indra SprogeLatvia2016
Bamse and the Witch’s DaughterThe miserly Krösus Sork finds gold in the beavers’ dam and wants to destroy their home to get to the treasure.Christian RylteniusSweden2016
Beyond the BooksCalamity strikes in an enormous, ancient library.Jérôme Battistelli, Mathilde Cartigny and others.France2016
Big BagAn object lesson of when life weighs you down.Daniel GreavesUnited Kingdom2016
Big BooomThe history of humanity and of our planet in four minutes.Marat NarimanovRussia2016
BirdlimeA film about the perils of the exotic bird industry, told through beautiful stop-motion animation.Evan DeRushieCanada2017
Boxi: InvestigationThe strange stories of Boxi, the cardboard dog, and Cartommy the cardboard boy, who  can actually be cut and folded from paper.Árpád KoósHungary2016
Boxi: Traffic JamThe strange stories of Cartommy, the mischievous cardboard boy and Boxi, the cardboard dog, come to life in the imaginary world of a child, built from hosehold waste.Béla KlinglHungary2016
Bullet TimeA good old-fashioned western shoot-out, in which both the fired bullets fall in love with each other...Frodo KuipersThe Netherlands2017
Casse-croûteA little journey through a forest full of creatures looking for a snack.Burcu Sankur, Geoffrey GodetFrance2016
CatastropheWhen a little bird suddenly drops dead in it’s cage, all eyes are on the cat. Jamille van WijngaardenThe Netherlands2017
CatherineThe tragic yet funny life story of a sweet young girl, who grows up to be a crazy old cat lady.Britt RaesBelgium2016
Charge The DragonA film about heroism, courage, expectance and... reality.Jan BubenícekCzech Republic, Slovakia2016
Charlie The SnowmanLife among the world of Christmas decorations can be quite dramatic too!Petr VodickaCzech Republic2017
Chika, the dog from the ghettoChika the dog and the five year old Mikasch live through World War II in a little Polish city.Sandra SchiesslGermany2016
ChiripajasA moving ecological film about the state of our oceans.Jaume Quiles, Olga PoliektovaSpain, Russia2017
Clean Your Room!A stubborn girl refuses to clean her room. Little does she know that the shadows cast by her clutter are food for the dreaded Shadow Monster who lives in her closet!Sophie Jarvis, Alicia EisenCanada2017
Coin OperatedBecoming a space explorer takes time. And money.Nicholas ArioliUnited States2017
CORKYUncork the magic!Ty PrimoschUnited States2017
CreationGod created all the necessary and pleasing to the eye and ears and decided to have a rest from Their labors. And everything would be fine if there was not an accident...Yulia BaygulovaRussia2017
DandelionThe wind has no boundaries, dreams have no limits.Jorge Bellver VarelaSpain2016
Dark, dark woodsYoung princess Maria has had about enough of her royal life – it’s all lesson, responsibilities and duties on top of each other, every hour of every day. Emile GignouxDenmark2017
DARRELExchange of glances in the metro. How many opportunities have you let slip? Darrel will do everything possible to not let escape this one...Marc Briones, Alan CarabantesSpain2016
DEEPForced to leave the trench where they live in the deepest part of the ocean, a funny-looking group of abyssal creatures will have to find a new home crossing a sea full of adventures.Julio SotoSpain2016
Dust BuddiesDon’t let your friends get treated like dirt.Beth Tomashek, Sam WadeUnited States2016
Easygoing TeddyThe story of friendship and kindness.Tomislav GreglCroatia2017
En volA foggy adventure by the sea.Britanny LefevreFrance2016
Enter The BathysphereA man passionate about the Loch Ness's Monster decides to explore the depht of the lake in his bathysphere in order to find it...Louise DuveauFrance2016
EthnophobiaSurvival, clash and symbiosis go side by side; all accompanied by bursts of joy and pain as a result of man’s internal need to find and exaggerate differences.Joan ZhongaGreece, Albania2016
First BloomEveryone’s life has a huge wall. It is powerful, it is unfair. We might get hurt, we might struggle, but hope we still fight to live, to bloom.Tingting LiuUnited States, China2017
First SnowFirst Snow is a fairy tale about the curious little Hedgehog who gets lost in snowy woods and so he heads out for a dangerous adventure to find his den.Lenka IvančíkováCzech Republic2015
FISHWITCHA stop motion fairytale in which an aquatic creature tries to win the heart of a sea-witch.Adrienne DowlingUnited Kingdom2016
FlounderEverything falls apart for a happy seagull family the day a golden flounder tells them about black gold. A story about love, petromania and the Sixth Extinction.Ole Christoffer HagaNorway2016
Flower FoundA little grey mouse seeks his beloved flower, which has disappeared without a trace.Jorn LeeuwerinkThe Netherlands2017
Fred and AnabelFred the Cat and Anabel the Goose are fast friends who live together on a farm. They play in the fields, swing from trees, and have great fun together.Ralf KukulaGermany2016
Free as a BirdImad (10) lives in a war zone. When he finds a bird with a broken wing, he brings it home and carefully nurses it back to health.Joyce van DiepenThe Netherlands2017
GenoToad Geno and his neighbors are forced to seek a new habitat because a construction site invades the pond where they live.Dato KiknavelidzeGeorgia, Germany2017
GoatsA group of travelling goats is trying to get a free snack.Ekaterina FilippovaRussia2016
GokurosamaEarly in the morning in a Japanese shopping centre, a shopkeeper gets stuck.Clémentine Frère and others.France2016
GP-toEveryday, a tube pours out an astronomic quantity of garbage in a huge bowl. A creature, GP-to by name, made up of these very wastes, takes in a young boy, whose arm in harshly severed, and helps him.Maxime Gental, Zoé Pelegrin-Bomel, and others.France2017
Grandpa WalrusOn the windy and cloudy beach, Granny is prayng, Mum is shouting, Lucas is alone, Grandpa was a weird guy, now he's dead.Lucrèce AndreaeFrance2017
Hallo PapaThe 8 years old girl Sophie finds a way to enlighten her dark world and overcome the distance to her dad.Dan FrankeGermany2016
HomegrownHomegrown is a film about parenthood and an overbearing sense of love and protection.Quentin HaberhamUnited Kingdom2017
Hoppi Tales: Everyone's christmas treeThis cartoon series is for preschool children, with a non violent content, in every episode The Hoppies are helping to celebrate one holiday.Ferenc RófuszHungary2016
HOUSEHOLD PETSMr and Mrs Archibald, a rich idle couple, successively adopt a dog, a cat, a fly, a toad and a moth... But they do not know anything about animals.Jean LecointreFrance2016
HUMUSa curious and clumsy kid messing around with the botanical experiments of a lanky Master DeerSimone Di Rocco, Simone Cirillo and others.Italy2017
Hurry up, Herold!Herold is a superhero and a dad, wears a superman-chainmail-unitard, and is a veteran in dealing with dangerous situations. Francie LiebschnerGermany2017
I'd Rather Eat a Kid One day, the little crocodile has had enough of eating banans. He’s got an appetite for a child!Anne-Marie BalaÿFrance2016
In the Forest of HuckybuckyHow can Claus Climbermouse and the other animals of Huckubuck6y forest teach the two rebels that it’s time to stop eating other animals?Rasmus A. SivertsenNorway2016
IslandOn a small island a bunch of exotic creatures run across each other.Max Mörtl, Robert LöbelGermany2017
JiffyAn ordinary family in a not so ordinary situation. Or is it the other way?Roberto ValleSpain2016
JubiléAt Buckingham Palace, the British Queen is about to attend a fancy ceremony when a gust of wind whisks away her hat.Coralie Soudet, Charlotte Piogé, Marion Duvert, Marie El Kadiri, Agathe MarmionFrance2016
Knight Rusty 2 - Full Metal RacketScrapland is broke. When budget cuts force the king and knights into early retirement and power crazed police chiefs take over the country, Knight Rusty must become protector of a free Scrapland!Thomas Bodenstein, Marcus HamannGermany2016
Koyaa - Freezing ScarfKoyaa is getting ready to step outside into a cold winter day. He tries to grab his scarf off the clothes stand, but it slithers away like a snake, acting silly! Will Koyaa manage to grab it?Kolja SaksidaSlovenia2017
Koyaa - Naughty Toy CarOn a rainy day, Koyaa decides to tidy up his room. He steps on a toy car, taking a crazy ride around. Kolja SaksidaSlovenia2017
Koyaa - Wild SunbedOn a sleepy summer afternoon, Koyaa lies down in a sunbed to rest. The sweltering heat makes the item go crazy, kicking around like a wild stallion! Koyaa can barely keep it under control...Kolja SaksidaSlovenia2017
Land without EvilWhat if the real paradise is inside us and lies in the harmony and unity of everything alive?Katalin EgelyHungary, Argentina2017
LiliLili refuses to let go of her childhood but a sandstorm threatens to take it away.Hani Dombe, Tom KourisIsrael2016
LinkTwo characters are linked by their hair. They influence each other by every move they make and wherever they go.Robert LöbelGermany2017
Live from the MossTwo elves resembling humans met a little nymph and supported her to become a forest radio hostess. Filip PosivacCzech Republic2016
Long Way NorthIn the 19th century, a young Russian girl (Christa Théret) embarks on an adventure-filled quest to find her grandfather at the North Pole.Rémi ChayéFrance2015
LOONEY FOODZ!What would happen if the food and drink in your fridge could came live?Paolo GaudioItaly2017
MabelAn old lady, a wee dog and a little girl, unlikely friendships and how important they can be.Molly FinniganUnited Kingdom2017
Magic hockForest rabbit becomes the owner of Santa's magic hock. Now he knows how to give hot and strong to all his offenders.Alexey AlexeevRussia2016
Margarit and the MonsterA tale about a little boy who has to overcome his fears ingrained by his grandmother in pursuit of his first love.Nayden NikolovBulgaria2017
Mars 3752A young boy has fantasies about exploring the milky way, until one night a cosmonaut's helmet drops down from the night's sky.Julie RembauvilleFrance2015
MazierThe story of a family running away from war told through vivid animation.Anja GrosswigGermany2016
Meaty MartaWith a short goldfish memory, Marta is a borderline fish with a huge appetite, longing for love and friendships. But her tendency to eat her friends are causing problems.Petra Revenue, Samir ArabzadehSweden, Philippines2017
Miriam by the LakeFear makes the wolf bigger than it is.Riho Unt, Sergei KibusEstonia2017
Miriam`s Hen`s DreamEast or west, home is best!Andres TenusaarEstonia2016
Mission Kathmandu: The Adventures of Nelly & Simon1956. Nelly, novice private eye, and Simon, research scientist, cross Himalayas to prove the existence of the Yeti!Pierre GrecoCanada2017
Moon GirlA cockroach living in a basement in Paris falls head-over-heels in love with the moon.Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-LevrinFrance2016
Mr. Night Has a Day OffWhy is the night changing the day?Ignas MeilūnasLithuania2016
Mr. Philodendron and the Apple TreeFasten your seat belts and reduce your speed! Mr. Philodendron is on the road.Grega MastnakSlovenia2016
NanuuqOn the North pole, everything is white and cold. Two polar bears (‘Nanuuq’ in Inuit language) roam along an ice floe, but the landscape is changing and the ice is melting.Jim LachasseFrance2016
New ToyOn a boring day, a baby gets a teddy bear from his mom. The new toy becomes his best friend.Rogerio BoechatBrazil2017
Next Door SpyAC runs a small detective agency from her basementKarla Von Bentgson, Karla von BengtsonDenmark2017
Nobody Nose CleopatraThe irascible Cleopatra has a problem. Nobody can draw her nose to her satisfaction.Charlotte Lebreton, Lucie Loiseau and others. France2016
OasisA boy is afraid to leave his oasis because of the dark spirit waiting for him outside.Gints ZilbalodisLatvia2017
Opiuo - Quack FatBack to the 90s!DropbearAustralia2015
Our Wonderful Nature - The Common ChameleonAn animation about the typical feeding habits of the green chameleon.Tomer EshedGermany2016
Peep and the PaperplaneA paper plane rescues the freshly hatched bird, Peep from falling out of the nest. And together, the uncommon new friends head out for adventure.Christoph EnglertGermany2016
PerchedA 2D animated family adventure full of heart and feathers!Liam HarrisUnited Kingdom2016
PeripheryThe fairy story about a boy from the house near the precipice, who daily provides stability and safety of the whole worldSasha VasilievRussia2017
Pixi Post & The Gift BringersPixi Post needs to save Christmas!juanjo elordi, Felipe MorellSpain, Colombia2016
Polska WarriorEryk, alias Polska Warrior, is the undisputed hero in the online game Goldhunter, but in real life he is invisible.Camiel n SchouwenaarThe Netherlands2017
Pompik - Big and smallI'm proud to be a bison!Wiesław ZiębaPoland2016
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: A Cup of TeaA tea-loving samurai chicken!Grega MastnakSlovenia2016
Rabbit school - Guardians of the golden eggMax, an urban rabbit boy, gets trapped in an old-fashioned Easter rabbit school that is surrounded by a clever fox family scheming to take over Easter.Ute von Münchow-PohlGermany2017
Roc'hIn the Breton countryside, a grasshopper makes a strange rite by caressing stones. Soon, she wakes a playfellow.Julie Rembauville, Guillaume CrampetteFrance2015
ROGERRoger plays the leading role in an stop motion animation series. He suffers an accident on set that leaves him out of the series.Ingrid Masarnau, Sonia Cendón and others.Spain2016
RubikIt's a normal day in a communal apartment...Xenia SmirnovGermany2016
RUNNING LIGHTSThe unfortunate death of a wild rabit turns into a remarkable experience for children who find his body and bury it in a sand box.Gediminas SiaulysLithuania, Finland, India2017
Rupee RunTwo dirt poor rival street performers chase after a measly coin through the streets of India.Tarun LakshminarayananUnited States2016
ScrambledWhen 19-year old Esra misses her train and kills time playing a fast-paced, flashy game on her smartphone, a vintage Rubik’s Cube challenges her attention.Bastiaan SchravendeelThe Netherlands2017
Second HandThe adventurous life of a second hand cat sweater.Noémi BarkócziHungary2016
Second to NoneA black comedy about the world’s second oldest man.Vincent GallagherIreland2016
She's got the blushA little girl who has a serious blushing problem , learns to accept het blushing powers.Els DecaluweBelgium2016
Shimajiro and the Rainbow OasisWhile Shimajiro and his friends are touring the inside of the Dig-Bug a robot that can dig through the earth its inventor, Dr. Roarson, accidentally sets the Dig-Bug in motion.Isamu HirabayashiJapan2017
ShineShine is a visual love story showing the importance of healthy competition.Alexander Dietrich, Johannes FlickGermany2016
Short but sweetA young hero has to embark on an epic quest to save a princess from an evil villain within an absurd short amount of time.Junaid ChundrigarThe Netherlands2017
Spider WebWhen Grandma discovers a spider on her shoulder while knitting, she first does all she can to get rid of it. But soon enough they discover that they can enjoy each other’s company.Natalia ChernyshevaRussia2016
SpindriftA girl, more eagle than human, must decide between a life on the wing and her humanity when a stranger arrives on the tide.Selina WagnerUnited Kingdom2016
Spring JamA fine tuned adventureNed WenlockNew Zealand2016
SurpriseThe surprise waiting for the clown doll when he discovers his unique hat is not on his head when he went out of the surprises box!Tariq RimawiJordan2016
Tales from the LakesideThe green Verdies are the tiny, but brave guardians of the lakeside. The young Verdies only become guardians when their hair turns brown. Until then, however, life is boring.Zsolt PalfiHungary2017
Tales of Tappi the Viking - The mess with the winter storesThe kindest viking in the entire Whispering Forest.Andrzej Piotr MorawskiPoland2016
The Big Bad Fox & Other TalesFrom the creators of Academy Award-nominated animation feature, ERNEST & CELESTINE comes a charming collection of animated tales.Benjamin Renner, Patrick ImbertFrance2017
The Chimney SweepA quick adventure of a chimney sweep.Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-LevrinFrance2015
The day I beat the skyIn a thunderstorm, a boy faces his worst fear.Hughes ValinFrance2016
The Dragon spellLittle Nicky, the son of the Tanner, a famous strongman decides to conquer the dragon as his father did long ago, however, much against the wishes of his father.Manuk DepoyanUkraine2016
The Golden MoonRenart can't bear the fact that Ysengrin can sleep through a full moon while he can't get a wink of sleep.Pascal AdantFrance, Belgium2016
The House Everything begins, when the family leaves their tiny house in the suburbs. He however, can´t just let it go..Veronika ZacharováCzech Republic2016
The Little Bird and the CaterpillarThe little bird has plenty of peace and quiet high up in its tree, at least until an unexpected guest shows up.Lena von DöhrenSwitzerland2017
The Little Match GirlThe film tells of the fate of a small merchant who tries to sell matches in a big city in the middle of winter.Jean Faravel, Anne BaillodSwitzerland2016
The One Who Tamed CloudsA young boy learns the ancient art of smoke signals.Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-LevrinFrance2015
The PenguinA little penguin finds life at the North Pole far too cold and dreams of traveling to the warmth of the tropics, with loads of sun and none of that freezing snow.Pascale HecquetFrance, Belgium2016
The Pocket ManA little man lives in an old suitcase. One day he finds a new friend - an old blind man. The little man jumps into the blind man's pocket. Ana ChubinidzeFrance, Switzerland, Georgia2016
The SledA little squirrel finds something he has never seen. before.Olesya ShchukinaRussia2016
The Swiming lessonOne day the boy went swimming in the sea and ...Tatyana OkruzhnovaRussia2017
The UnicornA little king finds a unicorn in the forest of his kingdom and wants to have it in his castle.Rémi DurinFrance, Belgium2016
The Wind in the ReedsIn a country where music has been banned by the king, Eliette becomes friends with a wandering minstrel from the East. Arnaud Demuynck, Nicolas LiguoriFrance, Belgium, 2016
The Wolves of MangotownPepe goes door-to-door to sell cookies and flowers in Mangotown, but wolves are lurking...Valerie ChangThe Netherlands2016
The World's Middlest Fishngeborg is a young girl who enjoys fishing. As always, she signs up for the annual fishing competition.Cathinka TanbergNorway2017
TemptationA glutton bear tries hard to steal a picnic basket located in a scout camp. Camille Canonne, Catherine Le Quang and others.France2017
Tindra's LightTindra is the daughter of the lighthouse keeper. One night, while her father is out, the lighthouse goes out and a boat is heading straight towards the reef.Andreas PaleologosNorway2016
Tip-TopPeople are freezing at the bus stop.  It’s not a big deal, everything’s tip-topAlla VartanyanRussia2016
TornadoHigh above the ground inside a tornado, Sunny’s burning desire to play outside at the disapproval of her Grandma spirals rapidly out of control.Sun-Min Lee, Richard Chhoa, Victoria DinhAustralia2017
TWEET HEARTS - Skillfully ProtectedThe TWEET HEARTS are a threepiece bird family.Sandra PeiseGermany2017
TWEET HEARTS - Well HatchedThe TWEET HEARTS are a threepiece bird family. Sandra PeiseGermany2017
Twice Upon a TimeThings and kings are split within...once or twice upon a time.Vojin VasovicCanada, Serbia, Hungary2017
Twin IslandsTwin Island East and Twin Island West are two twin islands governed by two kings, where the inhabitants follow the cult of symmetry.Manon Sailly, Charlotte Sarfati and others.France2017
Two Snails Set OffTwo snails set off for the funeral of a dead leaf .Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Romain SegaudFrance2016
Two tramsKlick and Tram - two city trams every morning leave their camp.Svetlana AndrianovaRussia2016
UnbearableA small bunny is finding it's way of having fun and relaxing, but his peace is soon disturbed by someone else.Margarita StamenovaBulgaria2016
WasteNa een uitputtende reis belanden Pan en Li in een keuken met overvloed aan voedsel nu zou alles goed moeten komen..Sander AltThe Netherlands2017
Water Path for a FishOscar (9) will try to save a helpless fish in a night-time Latin America with the lack of water as a backdropMercedes MarroSpain, France, Colombia2016
Way of GiantsIn a forest of gigantic trees, Oquirá a six year old indigenous girl, will challenge her destiny and learn to understand the cycle of life.Alois Di LeoBrazil2016
WeaselA starving Weasel wanders around a desolate land in search of food.Timon LederSlovenia2016
Andy's PromiseAndy (13) is the youngest member of his militia. Due to the shortage of youth members the militia is bound to find its ending soon.Nathalie CrumThe Netherlands2017
Becoming who I wasPadma Angdu, a once ordinary boy is appointed as a reincarnated Tibetan monk.Chang-Yong Moon, Jin JeonSouth Korea2017
Children OnlineThe film presents three archetypes of children on the internet which will make us wiser about the digital reality for children.Katerina HagerCzech Republic2017
Hello SalaamSil (10) and Merlijn (11) are about to go on a big journey: they will visit a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.Kim BrandThe Netherlands, Greece2017
Hobbyhorse RevolutionA funny and moving film about teenagers with growing pains, who discover their own voice and talent through riding and making hobbyhorses.Selma VilhunenFinland2017
KayayoWe follow the inner life and processes of Asana, ten years old, and her little sister, Isis, six years old.  Mari Bakke RiiseNorway2016
Looking for the wildExplore the wildest places on EarthAndoni CanelaSpain2016
LOVING LORNA"A portrait of a young woman in search of happiness, fulfilled dreams and her own proper place in the world.”Annika Karlsson, Jessica KarlssonSweden2017
MY BEAUTIFUL NICARAGUA12-year-old Edelsin Linette Mendez illuminates the consequences of climate change on the coffee market.Edelsin MendezNicaragua, United States2017
That Hair!Adoptee Kaylee (13) is the only girl in her small hometown in Friesland with afro-textured hair and she has no idea how to take care of it. Bibi FadlallaThe Netherlands2016
Words of CaramelIn a refugee camp in the Sahara desert lives a deaf boy who wishes to learn how to write. Juan Antonio MorenoSpain2016
#taggedA short film about the sweet intimacy and destructive power of social media - told from the point of view of a smartphone.Martijn WinklerThe Netherlands2017
100% CocoA drama in which a creative, fashion-conscious new pupil finds out that high school is not as fashionable as she thought.Tessa SchramThe Netherlands2017
21 Days LaterThat's how it always is. When it last became clouded, the wind broke out, the trees were about to collapseMohamadreza KheradmandanIran2017
A FILM OF CINEMA"Father, what's cinema?"Thiago MendonçaBrazil2017
A little prince of our citySet in Kazakhstan, the film is a story about a bond between a young boy who and an old man.Talgat TemenovKazakhstan2017
AmpersandBefore the past and after the future, there is a town where words are physical, where one can walk into a bar and buy drinks and words.Charlotte DeWulfBelgium2016
AnkaA children's fairy tale, set in the 20th century, about an orphan girl who bravely sets off in pursuit of a home.Dejan AćimovićCroatia, France2017
Bad Lucky GoatAfter accidentally killing a bearded goat with their father's truck, two incompatible siblings in their teenage years, embark on a journey.Samir OliverosColombia2017
Ballad From TibetThe true story of a group of Tibetan kids embarking on an odyssey to show the world what they are made ofZhang WeiChina2017
Behind the Blue DoorBehind the title blue door there is a world of imagination, dreams and a great mystery!Mariusz PalejPoland2016
Boy on the BridgeTwelve-year-old Socrates finds himself at the center of a murder investigation, which exposes a dark family secret and changes his life forever.Petros CharalambousCyprus2016
BuiAnna, 9, has moved to a new town near a lava-field. The children of the neighbourhood are hostile, but everything changes when a strange boy, Búi.Inga Lisa MiddletonIceland2016
Casper and Emma Go HikingSet during the family vacation of Casper and Emma, two adorable and mischievous 5-year-olds.Arne Lindtner NæssNorway2017
Doctor of MonsterDudu has already chosen his future profession, now will have to face his fears to become a doctor of monsters.Gustavo TeixeiraBrazil2017
Enough!Sander discovers that his former best mates Chris and Maarten have become friendly with a violent lad.  Tessa SchramThe Netherlands2016
Event HorizonSummer 1997, in a small village of Scotland where nothing ever happens and the days all resemble themselves, a strange cosmic event comes…Joséfa CelestinFrance, United Kingdom2016
Flying RatsKian and Nadir witness Nadir’s family being arrested by the Belgian immigration police, and decide to hide in the abandoned building site.Emiel SandtkeThe Netherlands, Belgium2016
FootstepsAn elderly man goes about his daily routine until his grandson shows up and is eager to play football with him.Hannes Thor Arason 2017
FragoleOn an afternoon like any other, 6-year-old Giulio's mother catches him eating strawberries on the sly in the kitchen. Giulio is allergic to strawberries.Alessandro Sasha CodaglioItaly2017
FREAKAhead of the upcoming swimming competition, 11-year-old Ziggy discovers something that's happening to his body. A transformation that makes him want to hide.Dawid UllgrenSweden2017
Girl in FlightA 11 year old girl runs away from her Tuscan home and spends two nights in a gypsy camp in Rome.Sandra VannucchiItaly, Switzerland2016
HeadbuttYounger brother must prevent older brother to commit suicide.Daan BunnikThe Netherlands2017
I Love AnnaSanteri (13), is hoping for more than conversation when he takes a long walk to drop in on a farm girl he has a crush on.Joonas RutanenFinland2016
IdgahThe magic of innocence and unconditional love.Piyush C. PanjuaniIndia2017
Into the Who Knows!After escaping from summer camp, Thomas and his invisible fox Felix have the adventure of a lifetime.Micah BarberUnited States2017
Iqbal & The SuperchipWhen Iqbal discovers a chip with magic energy, Easelman and Swine deceive the children. They must put in every effort to expose their secret plan.Oliver ZahleDenmark2016
JanuaryA​ ​father​ ​and​ ​his​ ​young​ ​son​ ​spend​ ​the​ ​weekend​ ​in​ ​the​ ​house​ ​of​ ​the​ ​countryside.​ ​After​ ​this​ ​summer, things​ ​will​ ​never​ ​be​ ​the​ ​same.Darío MascambroniArgentina2016
KidbustersCrime pays in this gangster comedy about Anders, Oskar, Winni and their little brother Bertram, who together with their uncle Georg kidnap a fabulously rich boy because they need money urgently.Frederik Meldal NørgaardDenmark2017
Kidnapped11-year-old Ida has abducted her classmate Hannes because she wants him to kiss her.Sarah WinkenstetteGermany2011
Land of the Little PeoplePolitical and uncompromising in its social statement, the story touches at the very core of the Israeli inner conflict. Yaniv BermanIsrael2016
LetterA letter to mother - what could be more important? Only a reply from her.Adil MussatayevKazakhstan2017
Lili within the CloudsDuring her holiday with her grandfather, Lili decides to build a plane.Toma LerouxFrance2017
Lilly The Little FishA fairy-tale movie about an extraordinary child, whose sex changes every time somebody looks her/him in the eyes.Yassen G. GrigorovBulgaria2017
Lotte & Luise: Twins on BoardThe timeless novel „Lotte & Luise“ gets a totally contemporary update in the modern world of  video blogs, social media and messengers.Lancelot von NasoGermany2017
Miss Sing Song SurinamAlthough Jasmine's father thinks his teenage daughter is on a trip to Berlin, she is actually in her motherland Suriname on another mission.Mischa KampThe Netherlands, Suriname2017
Mrs McCutcheonTom loves to wear dresses. This causes problems in his new school. Luckily there is Trevor, who also suffers prejudice due to his Aboriginal heritage.John SheedyAustralia2017
My FashionGiovannino is a young boy with the dream to work in the fashion industry but his father, a rude shepherd don't allow him.Marco PolliniItaly2017
New BoyMike really wants to be like all his friends at school, but is what it costs worth it?Norman TamkiviUnited Kingdom2017
No GhostsWhen Ruth, an eight year old who has recently lost her brother must take part in a game of Hide and Seek at a birthday party.Ragnar SnorrasonIceland2017
On WheelsOn Wheels is a road movie aimed at a young audience. Lucas (13) is wheelchair user. Laís (12) helps her mother selling breakfast at a truck stop. Mauro D'AddioBrazil2016
Pettson and Findus - Best christmas everPettson promised Findus they would have the best christmas ever this year, but then everything goes wrong. Findus is afraid that christmas is going to be cancelled at allAli Samadi Ahadi, Ali Ahadi SamadiGermany2016
Queen of NiendorfTen-year-old Lea wants to be part of the boy gang in her village, so she faces a dare. From this point, the summer seems to be full of adventures.Joya ThomeGermany2017
Santa Swap - Merry Christmas Mr. AndersenA heartwarming Christmas adventure for the whole family based on Norway’s most beloved Christmas Story.Terje RangnesNorway2016
Scrap DollsOn the east side of Detroit an 11-year-old boy, grieving over the loss of his best friend, encounters an artist who makes art out of abandoned objects.Aude CuenodUnited States2016
Seven Things I've Learned About Time TravelOne day, nearly nine years old Markus decides to build a time machine, with which he attempts to change the little things.Jonathan HerzbergThe Netherlands2016
SIRENEA 15 year old boy feels different from the other boys around him; when he gets into a friendship with an enchanting girl…Zara DwingerThe Netherlands2017
Siv Sleeps AstrayMost things seem very strange when Siv, 7, for the first time sleeps over at her new friend Cerisia’s.Catti Edfeldt, Lena Hanno ClyneSweden, The Netherlands2016
Spring DanceA girl who loves to be in the spotlight and a mother who would rather hide away. About becoming a woman - how it can be wonderful and difficult at the same time.Salla SoriFinland2017
StoneheadIt all starts when Chinese country boy Stonehead, whose father works far away in the big city and rarely returns home, gets a brand-new football for being the best student in the class.Zhao XiangChina2016
Storm Letters of FirePrinter's son Storm goes on the run with a forbidden letter from Maarten Luther that got his father arrested.Dennis BotsThe Netherlands2017
SturmfreiAnna is over at her friend Tim’s house, like almost every Saturday afternoon, but today something’s different.Sarah WinkenstetteGermany2010
Summer 1993Although her uncle’s family welcomes her after the death of her mother, it’s only slowly that 6-year-old Frida begins to get used to her new home in the countryside, far away from her native Barcelona.Carla SimónSpain2017
Swimming the DesertIn a drought-stricken town in the California Desert, a ten year old deaf girl challenges her grandfather, a cranky retired firefighter, to follow a crazy plan.Alvaro RonUnited States, Spain2017
The Amazing WiplalaHe is a little man, only 10 centimetres tall. He is not a gnome, but a Wiplala. Wiplala can tinkle and this means he has magical powers.Tim OliehoekBENLUX2014
The Angel of the Lord 2Sequel to the popular fairy tale Angel of the Lord about angel Petronel who works at the Heaven´s door, but is convinced that he deserves a better job.Jiri StrachCzech Republic2017
The Black CatA black cat and a mysterious woman by the name of Miss Bellows show up at Mr. Bond's quaint cottage after he brings home an old broomstick.Bhargav SaikiaIndia2017
The Door'The Door' explores mourning and grief from a child's perspective.Adrià GuxensSpain2017
The Glass PearlA 12-year-old will go to any length to earn his daily reward.Tommi SeitajokiFinland2017
The Mystery of Green HillThe story of how Koko became a detective!Cejen CernicCroatia2017
The Peppercorns and the Curse of the Black King12-year-old Mia and her classmate Basti take a class trip to the Gruber family’s mountain ranch, where they begin to suspect something fishy after the appearance ofmysterious signs.Christian TheedeGermany2017
Through the Supermarket In Five Easy PiecesAn illustration of the challenges a family faces during the weekly food gathering routine. The story is also a metaphor of the five classical elements earth, air, fire, water and aether.Anna Maria Jóakimsdóttir HutriFinland2017
ToffeeSet in the 1990's, in a small village of Punjab -India, Toffee tells the story of 2 young girls, their perception of how things work.Tahira Kashyap KhurranaIndia2017
TreasureGosha, a clever boy from a small town, and Katya, a girl from Moscow, together crack the case of a burglary at the Museum of Local History.  Ira VolkovaRussia2016
TRIO - The hunt for the Holy ShrineThe TRIO gang embarks on a brand new adventure: the search of the legendary St Olav’s Shrine. But ruthless treasure hunters are on their trail...Eva DahrNorway2017
Two IrenesBy chance, Irene discovers that there is another 13-year-old Irene living in the same town but who is the exact opposite of her.Fabio MeiraBrazil2017
UniformThe parents of Zozan don’t send her to school. Her brother Adem just started to study in primary school. Zozan must to find a way to study like all other children.Firat OnarTurkey2017
VigorBram travels towards sea, towing a small boat, only to find what can't be found.Philip BesamuscaThe Netherlands2016
WallayUnruly French teenager Ady does exactly what he feels like. His father has had enough, and sends the boy to his strict uncle Amadou in Burkina Faso.Berni GoldblatFrance, Burkina Faso, Qatar2017
When My Father Became a BushWhen war is suddenly declared, Toda's father leaves for the front as a soldier. Nicole van KilsdonkThe Netherlands, Croatia, Belgium2016
Windstorm and the wild horsesFree as the wind!Katjia von GarnierGermany




English titleLogline DirectorCountry of productionYear completed
ARIOLTake a peak into the life of Ariol, a little donkey, just like you and me.Helene FrirenFrance2017
Be-be-bearsBe-Be-Bears is about Bucky and Bjorn's amusing adventures. Alexey MironovRussia2016
Captain Tin NoseIn a far-off time, the Red Crab and its peculiar crew led by captain Tin Nose sails the exotic seas. Roberto CubillasArgentina2016
DIXILANDIn the fantastic world of Dixiland, the cute and candid Dixi, helped by his friends, faces both small and large life challenges with its timid joy.Andrea ZingoniItaly2017
Fantasy patrolAn epic animation about four ‘average’ girls who have superpowers. Nail MubinovRussia2016
George and PaulA fun-filled stop-motion animation series introducing children to George and Paul.Joost van den Bosch, Erik VerkerkThe Netherlands2016
Harry and Bip: Flying High and the Red HerringThe series follows Harry and Bip, who live in a vast icy expanse which they can’t wait to explore.Leevi LemmettyIreland, Finland2016
I Haven't Said Goodbye YetThis animation is the monologue of Little Tadpole who bravely expresses her sorrow and how she learns to cope with her sadness.Hao-Chin TuTaiwan2017
Leo & TigLeo&Tig are two young friends living in the wild nature of the Far East. Nikolay Kozlov, Alexander LutkevichRussia2016
Little RoyLittle Roy is a series about self discovery through imaginative play - explored by Roy O’Brien, an animated 5 year old boy.Alan ShannonIreland2017
Long Braid GirlThe lovely long hair girl often braids her hair into various styles. Yu-Hsun HuangTaiwan2017
Magic LanternAn imaginative series based on the world's classic tales as told by the main characters through a projection of spectacular designs.Roman VereshchakRussia2016
Misho & Robin "Camping"Misho and Robin have a sleepover in the yard. But they weren’t ready for the surprises of the night...Denis Alenti, Vjekoslav ZivkovicCroatia2016
Misho & Robin "Dance"Misho and Robin are showing off their dancing skills. But someone is mocking them...Denis Alenti, Vjekoslav ZivkovicCroatia2016
My Knight and MeA knightly trio set out to make the Dark Ages a little lighter… and a whole lot more fun!Joeri ChristiaenBelgium, France2016
Paper TalesThe creative journeys of the paper cut-out duo, the moose Aristotle and woodpecker Knock-Knock, in the origami wonderland.Alexey MironovRussia2016
Ralph and the Dinosaurs (Episode 22 V is for Vulcanodon)what's new about dinosuars?MArcel BarelliSwitzerland, France2017
RobotiaA group of robot friends gather every afternoon to play football at the robotic forest of the city.Diego Cagide, Nicolas CouvinArgentina2017
TEXA film about Tex and his cartoonfamily, who have just moved to the 'real' world. Joost van den Bosch and others.The Netherlands2016
The Fairytale Tree ShowThe Fairytale Tree Show is taking you into the lives of Eftelings characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Donkey, and Fakir. Martijn HullegieThe Netherlands2017
The Treehouse Stories4 friends meet in a secret treehouse in order to share their
favorite books.
Célia RivièreFrance2016
Zapata´s ScienceSofia is a young scientist and Zapata is a fan of the supernatural!Pablo AccameArgentina2016
ZenithWhat happens when you find out your parents have been replaced by robots?Maurice Trouwborst, Tomas KaanThe Netherlands, Hungary2017
Ahmad's HairSyrian refugee Ahmad (12) is on a personal, heart-warming mission.Susan KoenenThe Netherlands2016
Alfredo13 year old Alfredo Lorenzo has a dream: he wants to be the best magician in the world.Maaike van der Linden, Marye HoebeThe Netherlands2016
Bobby gives her dog a bathBobby has fun while giving her dog a bath!Heidi IepemaThe Netherlands2016
Butcher's HeartButcher's son Wessel has to make a decision: will he follow the footsteps of his father and grandfather?Marijn FrankThe Netherlands2017
Chenelva & SheneevaSheneeva and Chenelva are Siamese twins.Leon BellaartThe Netherlands2016
Dreams about My FatherDamian lives with his grandparents and finds it more and
more difficult to deal with the death of his father. 
Willem BaptistThe Netherlands2016
Girl on a missionWhere Miruna (14) lives in Romania, it's never really quiet. Miruna has twelve brothers and sisters that she has to take care of.Heleen D'Haens, Eva van BarneveldThe Netherlands2017
Hello, I have cancerRachel’s hair fell out because of chemo. Meanwhile Julian celebrates his thirteenth birthday.Dirk-Jan van den AardwegThe Netherlands2016
Jesser and the SugarcaneJesser doesn’t want to work in the sugarcane fields like his father, who became really sick because of it. Godelieve EijsinkThe Netherlands2016
Kids on the Silk roadEach story shows how the individual child deals with life’s challenges, big and small, which they face in their specific contexts.Jens PedersenDenmark2017
Kindertijd: Giulia en Sophie go to swim classTweeling die doof is gaat naar zwemles. Def twin visit swim classHilt LochtenThe Netherlands2016
Let's talk about religion!Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam: why do these 5 religions exist? Cécile DéroudilleFrance2016
My Body, My LifeSabina has to be circumcised when she turns 12 years-old but she is fully against it and fights for the rights of the girls in her village.Els van DrielThe Netherlands2017
Ojores musicOjore loves music and drums away all day long.Hilt LochtenThe Netherlands2016
Outdoors BoundAt Outdoors bound you get involved by sustainable and educational issues with a dose of humor and adventure.Stefan Coppers, Doesjka van HoogdalemThe Netherlands2017
Pride & PrejudiceEmma has been bullied because of her skin color. She turns her feelings into poems and songs.Mirjam MarksThe Netherlands2016
REALLY CLEVER!Clever innovations to local problems in developing countries.Frank MielantsBelgium2017
Scott + JuliaScott is involved in a terrible accident. He may never walk again. His girlfriend Julia means a lot to him, but she has her own busy life.Annelies KrukThe Netherlands2016
Si-GRapster Si-G droomt van roem maar heeft nooit geloofd dat ze met rappen iets zou kunnen bereiken.Frederike MigomBelgium2017
Spotlight on MernaMerna became a super star by participating in The Voice Kids. She has fled from Irak because of the war. Mirjam MarksThe Netherlands2016
The Bird BoyOver de unieke band tussen Dave en zijn kerkuil TristanIngrid KamerlingThe Netherlands2016
The Girl with the white skinAs an Albino-child in rural Africa, Anastazia is constantly at risk of being kidnapped and killed. Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden, Annelies KrukThe Netherlands2017
The King of TwirlThe King of Twirl’ is a 'dance-documentary' about the eleven year old Janero. He want's to prove that Twirl is not only a sport for girls.Xander de BoerThe Netherlands2016
Yara has two housesYara shows us her two houses.Josje HazenbergThe Netherlands2016
Days We Stared at the Sun- Season 2The real world of adulthood is full of choices, and with each choice comes accountability. Yu-Chieh ChengTaiwan2017
Disgustingly tastyMarta the rat and Mirta the cockroach presents a kitchen program for children where you recipes "disgustingly rich" are the main dish.Maritza SanchezColombia2016
Driving Me CrazyDriving Me Crazy is a fast-paced, fun-fuelled reality series that puts first-time teen drivers behind the wheel with their parents.Jeff ColeCanada2016
Edward's Miraculous BookstoreIn an attempt to save his parents from the divorce they are getting, Robin (12) gets lost in the miraculous world of an old bookstore.Annabel EssinkThe Netherlands2017
Game(r)Life is Game(r)Patrice LalibertéCanada2017
JennyLeukemia is not contagious, but smile is!Jean-Sebastien LordCanada2017
Lejo'If less is more, Lejo has it all'Leo PetersenThe Netherlands2015
Lost in the GameIn Lost in the Game we follow the adventures of eight children during a survival summer camp. Jan-Albert de Weerd and others.The Netherlands2016
MathXplosionMathemagician’ Eric Leclerc shares secrets from the not-so-hidden world of math.Jocelyn ForguesCanada2016
My Auntie's Tall TalesTheodor is no ordinary boy. He is the sailor of a three-mast topsail-schooner.Tone Mygind RostbøllDenmark2017
Neuro...What?Through experiments and scientific reasoning, neuroscience researcher Fabricio answers his niece’s Martina questions.Marcelo GoobarArgentina2016
Oh Yuck!Pristine comes down with an increasingly disgusting series of yucky conditions!Justin SchneiderAustralia, Canada, United States2017
Opie's HomeOpie's Home is a spin-off of the award-winning series Hi Opie!, following Opie in his adventures around his home.Lowell DeanCanada2017
Our world in 2050Set in the Netherlands In 2050, Rachel and Daniel are investigating how the world (and the Netherlands) will look into the future.Mike WarmelsThe Netherlands2015
ReChillMeditation for children in a fun way, let's ReChill!Mascha HalberstadThe Netherlands2017
SnapshotsSnapshots is a photo-taking throw down that pits three talented kids against each where each kid tries to take the BEST PHOTO EVER!Stephen ScottCanada2017
Soccer GirlsA blistering youth series about multicultural girls’ soccer team FC Athena.Sia Hermanides, Alieke van SaarloosThe Netherlands2016
Superheroes laboratoryKinexis is a very peculiar superhero who can’t manage to keep his powers under control. Maria AntoliniArgentina2016
The King of TwirlThe King of Twirl’ is a 'dance-documentary' about the eleven year old Janero. He want's to prove that Twirl is not only a sport for girls.Xander de BoerThe Netherlands2016
The Mathematics CucoOlivia moved into a new building. In the basement she finds a monster.Marco CaltieriUruguay2017
The Mystery FilesA little bit of mystery makes history a lot more fun!Zsolt LucaCanada2016
Wild UniversityWelcome to those who do not trample over ants!Alvaro MendozaSpain2017