Download the following Cinekid research reports below:

Research Report - An Evaluation of the Cinekid AppLab
Publication date: January 2015
Download: Report- An Evaluation of the Cinekid AppLab
Content:  An Evaluation of the Cinekid AppLab by Laurian Meester & Jessica Taylor Piotrowski

Research Report - What Makes a Good App?
Publication date:  6 February 2014
Download: Research report - What Makes a Good App?
Content: An exploratory research into the usage, likes and criteria for mobile apps for children according to children, parents and teachers. With the support of the Bernard van Leer Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam commissioned by Cinekid. Cinekid APPLAB is an app for parents consisting of a selection of reviewed apps for children, searchable by age and categories. In order to improve APPLAB and gain more knowledge on the usage likes and criteria for apps, interviews with children, parents and teachers were held regarding their thoughts on and usage of apps for children. This report presents the results of this exploratory research. Children’s preferences for apps according to their developmental stage and their usage of apps are reviewed. Also criteria parents and teachers find important for apps for children are discussed. The results provide a basis for further research in this field and insights into ways to improve APPLAB

Research Report - Mobile Apps for Children
Publication Date: 6 february 2014
Download: Research report - Mobile Apps for Children 
Content: Mobile app use by young children is growing rapidly. There are also a lot of apps on offer for this age group. However there is a lack of research on the effects of apps on a child. It therefore can be difficult for parents to select appropriate apps for their child. This report provides some insights on the research and knowledge on the development of a child in relation to criteria for children’s apps. Subsequently a list of criteria for children’s apps is presented and a few possible categorization systems for apps are discussed.

Report: Expertmeeting App
Publication date: 25 October 2013
Download: Report - Expermeeting App
Report of the expert meeting during Cinekid Festival. Organized by Cinekid with support from the Bernard van Leer Foundation.