Winners announced for Cinekid for Professionals 2017

Two major prizes were handed out to projects selected for this year’s Junior Co-production Market during the closing ceremony of Cinekid for Professionals 2017 in Amsterdam.

The Eurimages Co-production Development Award was granted to the Best Film Project presented during the Junior Co-production Market. The Award was given by European support fund Eurimages with the duel intention of supporting European youth film and to further stimulate European co-production. The winner received €20,000.

A select jury gave the Burny Bos Best Project Award to the best overall, international project of the Junior Co-production Market, based on its quality, innovation and international potential. The award is accompanied by a €2,500 cash prize. BosBros will also offer to step in as the Dutch coproduction partner. The Award was handed out by Burny Bos during the Ceremony.

The winner of the Eurimages Co-production Development Award 2017 is:

Tagli and Telle written by Paula Noronen. Directed by Akseli Tuomivaara. Produced by Bufo (Finland) The project was selected for Cinekid Script LAB 2016 - 2017

Jury citation:

The Eurimages development award is given to a film project with a well-realized world that will appeal to the target audience.

The judges were impressed with the director's first film, which showed his ability with a young cast, and this combined with the colourful and action-packed world of Tagli and Telle gave us an indication of what we could expect.

The jury also praised the natural compatibility of the writer, director and producer who had chosen the source material from a Finnish Book of the same name. It was felt that this story was well suited to attract strong coproducing partners who would see the potential for this film to travel amongst young audiences.

Finally, the jury liked the message of this children’s film which was about siblings who help each other through a difficult time, but while giving children a fun, action packed adventure film to keep them happy!


The winner of the Burny Bos Best Project Award 2017 is:

Lucy Goes Gangsta written by Till Endemann and Andreas Cordes.  Directed by Till Endemann. Produced by INDI FILM GmbH (Germany) 

Jury citation:

Tamara Bos, screenwriter and jury member shared with us, she recognised herself in the little Lucy and thinks it’s funny and even necessary that children sometimes do something naughty.
The project stands out for the heart-warming way it takes us to the dilemma of the main character.
In a clearly structured story we experience how she struggles with the question: are we allowed to do something bad, even if it is for a good reason?