Winner: My Family and the Wolf

Can you give a short introduction to your project?
9 year-old Uriel will never forget the summer holiday he spends in the family house by the sea. When his granny announces that a wolf is coming, Uriel embarks with his cousins on the adventure of a lifetime, a mixture of fear and excitement. MY FAMILY AND THE WOLF is a comedy/adventure 2d animated feature for kids aged 5-9, and family. It's the second film written and directed by the Spanish trio Headless. Their debut film NOCTURNA was selected at many festivals worldwide including Venice, Toronto and Annecy, and won a Goya award in 2008 for Best Animated Film.

How would you describe your experience at Cinekid for Professionals?
I have to say the Junior Co-production Market has been very useful. The feedback on my project was amazing - as you know. I was also able to make contact with a lot of fantastic people who I am still in touch with. If all goes well, some of them may come on board MY FAMILY AND THE WOLF as partners.

Who did you meet to get the project to the next level?
Since the last Cinekid for Professionals, seeking financial partners has been my main focus. We now have an agreement with a French distribution company to release the film in France. I attended the last Cartoon Movie, APD in Stuttgart and the Cannes Film Market as I intend to finance and produce the film in the EU. There’s a long way to go, but I'm hoping to secure all finance and start the production during the course of 2014.

What’s the current status of MY FAMILY AND THE WOLF?
Alongside the financing, we are continuing to develop the artistic aspects of the project with the Media development support which was confirmed this month (yay!). A latest draft of the screenplay was completed in February 2013. We are mainly developing the visuals right now. We will start working on the storyboard and animatics in the summer.

Are there any new developments happening in the near future?
Additional location and character design, the storyboard and animatics are currently underway.