The Cinekid festival cannot exist without volunteers. Therefore, we are looking for dedicated helpers who can help us to make this year’s festival a great success. Do you want to take a look behind the scenes of the largest children’s media festival in the world, and then be a crucial part of it? Then take this opportunity to broaden your network in the media industry and become part of our team: apply for a volunteer position at Cinekid for Professionals at vrijwilligers@cinekid.nl

What will you do?

As a volunteer you will assist children in their activities with media installations and interactive workshops in the MediaLab (Europe’s largest digital playground), check tickets at the cinemas, hand out film voting cards or welcome and guide international professional guests.

What's in it for you?

The possibility to work behind the scenes of Europe’s largest children’s media festival, to expand your network within the film, television and new media sector, to attend workshops and film screenings and to add experience to your resume.

When is it? 15 – 21 October 2016

For Dutch-speaking volunteers it is possible to work for the Cinekid Festival or for the Cinekid for Professionals department. For more information and registration: www.cinekid.nl/vrijwilligers

For English-speaking volunteers it is only possible to work for the Cinekid for Professionals section of the festival, that caters for the professionals from the global film, tv and cross-media industries. When you volunteer you will get the opportunity to attend a conference or a film for free!  For more information and registration: E-mail vrijwilligers@cinekid.nl