Thirteen promising projects selected for Cinekid Script LAB

This October Cinekid welcomes sixteen writers from eight countries to the 4th edition of Cinekid Script LAB, a four-month project-driven initiative that focuses on the development of scripts for children’s films. The LAB gatherings will take place in Amsterdam and Berlin.
Until now, participating screenwriters have been nominated by partnering institutes. This year, for the first time, an open call was issued, which means that in addition to the six projects selected by the institutes and Cinekid, seven further projects will get the full Script LAB treatment.
LAB participants will work with internationally acclaimed advisors who will push them to their creative limits. The coaching offered to each filmmaker is tailor-made and will address the needs of both the writer and the story across the LAB’s two-phased trajectory.
Teamwork and the interpersonal exchange of ideas and experiences within a safe and nurturing lab environment are the foundation stones of Cinekid’s Script LAB.
The first part of Script LAB takes place prior to Cinekid for Professionals in Amsterdam (October 2017) where participants can take their bearings and start to position their projects within the international marketplace. The second phase will deliver participants to Berlin during the Berlinale (February 2018).
Script LAB is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA Programme and organised in close collaboration with international partner organisations, such as the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, the Finnish Film Foundation, the Icelandic Film Centre, the Netherlands Film Fund, the Norwegian Film Institute and the Swedish Film Institute.
The LAB is key to Cinekid’s ambition to nurture talent and support the entire film production chain, from development to finance to exploitation. Furthermore, it has proved to be a valuable tool in strengthening Cinekid’s international network.
Cinekid staff
Nienke Poelsma is Head of Cinekid for Professionals, driving the industry department of the festival.
Prior to Cinekid, Nienke worked as Coordinator of CineMart & the Rotterdam Lab at International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). In this role she helped manage the industry side of the festival, in particular the Rotterdam Lab, IFFR’s renowned training opportunity for emerging producers.
Esther van Driesum was Head of Programmes at the Amsterdam-based Binger Filmlab for ten years. She now runs her own independent consultancy which focuses on project and talent development, and works as a script consultant on a structural basis with the Dutch production house BIND. Esther was involved in setting up the Cinekid Script LAB in 2014 and has been Head of Studies ever since.
The projects and participating writers selected for Cinekid Script LAB 2017-2018 are:
Nominated by Norwegian Film Institute
Project: Free
Writers: Guro Ekornholmen, Anniken Fjesme
Production country: Norway
Nominated by Flanders Audiovisual Fund
Project: My Dad is a Sausage
Writer: Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem, Anouk Fortunier
Production company: A Private View
Production countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany
Project: My Sister Super Stella
Writer: Mari Monrad Vistven
Production company: Medieoperatørene
Production country: Norway
Nominated by Swedish Film Institute
Project: North
Writer: Camilla Hübbe
Production companies: Unlimited Stories; Sequoia Global Alliance
Production country: Sweden
Nominated by Netherlands Film Fund
Project: Spitsbergen
Writer: Suzie Templeton
Production companies: Studio Rosto A.D., Lunanime NL
Production country: The Netherlands
Nominated by Icelandic Film Centre
Project: The Man Who Hated Children
Writers: Gunnar Björn Guðmundsson
Production companies: The Icelandic Film Company; Kisi Production
Production country: Iceland
Nominated by Finnish Film Foundation
Project: The White Unicorn
Writer: Elin Grönblom
Production country: Finland
Projects from open call:
Project: Iro
Writer: Janne Vierth, Maremi Watanabe
Production company: Dragon Film
Production countries: Sweden, Denmark
Project: Maya
Writer: Nick Hegreberg
Production country: Norway
Project: Stela
Writer: Eva Kamchevska
Production company: Dream Factory Macedonia
Production country: Norway
Project: Super-Granny
Writer: Julie Skaufel
Production company: Onkel Film
Production country: Norway
Project: The Mozart Question
Writer: Wouter Van Haver
Production company: Vivi Film
Production country: Belgium
Project: Twig
Writer: Jarkko Olavi Virtanen
Production company: Pohjola-filmi
Production country: Finland