Theme of CfP 2016

At CfP we always aim to address current topics, issues and trends to provide professionals within the children’s media industry the ammunition to remain robust, well-informed and competitive. This year Cinekid is celebrating its 30th edition - an excellent moment to take a look at how storytelling has evolved, but also to assess how the audience has changed. We intend to draw from lessons of the past as we address concerns of the future.

The media industry is continually changing. On the one hand kids will always have the same wants and needs no matter how much the world around them is transforming. On the other hand, the changing communications landscape means that today children have different relationships with media. Media habits are changing and the ‘newest’ generation, the so-called plurals or Generation Z, are very much digital natives who live within media and don’t think in terms of ‘first’ and ‘second’ screens.

Mediamakers need to be aware of these changes and adapt to them, but also at the same time keep in mind the basic desires and needs of a child. High quality content and stories remain key but new technologies offer new ways of telling stories and involve the audience in other exciting ways. As professionals in the kids media industry our goal is to create enticing and innovative ways to engage our audience via new content and products that push the limits of technology - at the same time not forgetting to take children seriously, especially at a time when they are increasingly becoming successful content creators themselves. 

Let's ask ourselves the question: in the everchaning media landscape, kids will be kids. Won't they?

Programme and tickets

Several different topics, issues and points of view within this theme will be addressed in our open conference, seminar and masterclass programme. Purchase tickets soon to enjoy an attractive early bird rate and explore the programme:

Professionals Conference – Wednesday 19 October

Full day conference for all children’s media professionals; film, TV and new media. 
With storytelling as a central theme we will dive into topics such as:

  • Creating appealing characters and building on character skills
  • Gender in (or out of) the picture: on gender representation & equality
  • International coproduction: the effects of cultural differences on storytelling
  • Story factory: Hololens, VR and beyond
  • 30 years of Cinekid and 30 years of children’s film: changes and challenges in storytelling

Confirmed Speakers: Lesli Rotenberg (PBS Kids), Annika Bluhm (Dreamworks), Anna Serner (Swedish Film Institute), Ben Unsworth (Globacore), Andrew Kavanagh (Kavaleer), Sarita Christensen (Copenhagen Bombay), Monique Ruinen (Netherlands Film Fund), Ruairi Glynn (Interactive Architecture Lab), Sheena Macrae (Storycake), Simone van Dusseldorp (director), Petter Lindblad (Snowcloud Films), Marleen Slot (Viking Film), Sofie van Bauwel (Center for Cinema and Media studies), Barnaby Steel (Marshmallow Laser Feast).

Media Literacy Seminar – Thursday 20 October
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About the roles of media in cultural identity construction.

European Film Forum – Thursday 20 October

On the future of European audiovisual content for children.

MediaLab Academy Masterclass – Thursday 20 October
Seminar Apps for Children – Thursday 20 October

In partnership with Kennisnet and ECP

Masterclass Children’s Animation – Friday 21 October

In partnership with VNAP