Student Offer: Animation Programme

For students interested in animation we offer a special programme on Friday 23 October. With the special student ticket you can enter the Masterclass Children's Animation and the film screening of Heel veel Job, Joris & Marieke*. Afterwards you will also get a free drink at the Cinekid for Professionals Closing Drinks!

Special student offer: €12.50

*Note: the film screening will be in Dutch

Student animation programme Friday 23 October

11:45 - 13:00 Screening of Heel veel Job, Joris & Marieke at Ketelhuis 1
13:45 - 16:00 Masterclass Children's Animation at the Westergas Theatre
16:00 - 17:30 Closing Drinks at the Cinekeet



About the Masterclass Children's Animation

The Netherlands is a global leader in live action drama for children and has a strong basis in animation. Both disciplines are very successful and win prizes at home and abroad. There are many talented and successful animators in the Netherlands whose scripts are developed primarily using the power of the image - but often not specifically written for, or focussed on, young audiences.

The Masterclass Children’s Animation is an exchange of knowledge and skills between animators and live-action script writers; how do you tell a good story for children from the power of the image? National and international experts and filmmakers talk about modes and rules within animation, and writing for children and share their experiences to exchange their knowledge.
A programme for both animators and live-action filmmakers who can provide inspiration and know how to write children's entertainment.

Scriptwriter and director Paul Wells (UK) is director of the Animation Academy at Loughborough University, is an established scriptwriter and director of animated films and television productions and wrote the book Fundamentals of Animation and Script Writing. During the Masterclass Children’s Animation he explains what the universal modes are for writing for children’s animation. He also discusses the differences between national and international formats. Paul will also moderate the Masterclass.

Fiona van Heemstra (NL) is scriptwriter of both live-action and animated productions. She (co-)wrote a.o. the scripts for the series Naked (2006), The Adventures of Pim and Pom (2008) and Kika and Bob (2014), the short film Munya in Me (2013) and the feature animation Pim and Pom, The Great Adventure (with Tingue Dongelmans, 2014). During the Masterclass Children’s Animation Fiona will elaborate on her experiences of writing for animation, the differences and similarities between writing for animation and live-action and how writing for animation has enriched her work as a scriptwriter.

The Masterclass Children’s Animation will close with a case study of children’s series Now or Never!, a programme of the Media Fund, Dutch Film Fund and Zapp for the development and implementation of culturally diverse children’s drama. The fourth edition of Now or Never! is entirely dedicated to the development and production of narrative animation projects. Three teams will talk about their writing experiences:

* Job, Joris & Marieke (script, direction and animation) and Lotte Tabbers (script) for Kop op! (producer: Viking Film)
* Heleen Suèr (script), Jan-Dirk Bouw (director) and Aimée de Jongh (animation) for Kip zonder Kop (producer: Submarine)
* Marc Veerkamp & Tingue Dongelmans (script) and Joost van den Bosch and Erik Verkerk (director and animation) for TEX (producer: Bos Bros)