Six European countries build a catalogue of European children’s films

On October 15 at Cinekid for Professionals, six European countries gathered to begin the process of building a catalogue of European films for children, with accompanying educational materials, that will be accessible across the whole of Europe. This initiative heralds the development of a new educational distribution system designed to improve the reach to young audiences.

Apart from festival screenings, there is a very limited offer of suitable European films that are readily accessible for (very) young audiences. This project will therefore improve access to European audiovisual works and, in the long-term, look to develop new young audiences.  What’s more, this first stage will help create a recognizable brand and online platform, as well as form a blue-print for the subsequent Europe-wide roll-out.

Partners will buy collectively the non-exclusive, non-theatrical educational screening rights across Europe for a fixed flat-fee and a license period of minimum 5-7 years. Within the first year the catalogue will contain a minimum of 7 and maximum of 10 titles, with 25 different language versions. The catalogue will be rich in content and film language, and will (re)present numerous different stories and regions, as well many ages from Europe’s history.

During Spring 2015 the new distribution outlet kicks off with pilot educational screenings in each partner country. These will be rolled-out on a much larger scale in subsequent years using established distribution models as well as new digital distribution models.

The partners in 2014-2015 are: Poland (New Horizons & The Polish Film Institute),  Portugal (Zero em comportamento), Scotland (Creative Scotland), Sweden (The Swedish Film Institute), Norway (Film & Kino) and The Netherlands (Stichting Cinekid).

Stichting Cinekid is managing the project which, in the coming years, will be extended to more countries, for example Czech Republic, Spain and Slovenia, who have shown strong interest to join. The project is partly funded by Creative Europe; Audience Development & film literacy.

For more information about this project, contact project manager Juliette Jansen.