Research: Beyond the TV Screen

Where are we heading in this constantly changing media landscape? How are play and creativity incorporated into new devices used by children? In the latest issue of Televizion Paulien Dresscher, head of New Media at Cinekid, assesses and summarizes best practice among the devices that were presented at the MediaLab and Hot & Cool Play panel of Cinekid 2014.

According to Paulien: "Our media landscape, as well as the immediate environment of our children, is changing rapidly. The constant recalibration of the concept of the screen, how we interact with it, but also how it is influencing the way we tell our stories and build experiences, is a process that changes the way we work, live and learn. In order to foster our own creativity within this changing environment, but also to promote the creativity of the child in a sustainable way, it is beneficial to take a closer look at the medium-specific issues that are arising"

Interested? Download the full article below and read all about some of the most interesting apps, games and installations of the moment encouraging play and creativity.