Q&A with Aydin Dehzad

MNK Boy is one of the 30 projects selected for the 2015 Junior Co-Production Market. Read the Q&A with producer Aydin Dehzad below and find out what he is expecting and looking for at Cinekid.

Aydin, kindly introduce yourself to our readers.
Mete Gümürhan co-founded Kaliber Film together with director/producer Willem Baptist while studying at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2007. Bas Broertjes and I joined the company in 2014 after we successfully graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy with our Student Oscar-nominated film Sacred Defense. We are a mixed team and each of us has a different cultural background. Mete has his roots in Turkey, Bas is Dutch and I myself was born in Iran. Therefore we think we are diverse in our approach and, combined, we bring an interesting perspective to filmmaking.

How would you pitch your project in three sentences?
is a coming-of-age film first and a superhero film/project second. It is loosely based on Mete’s own childhood and represents a touching and inspiring story of an overlooked 12-year-old boy in search of his own identity, and attempting to belong somewhere. A difficult task for a teenage boy living between two cultures. And let’s be honest we all crave belonging.

Why did you enter your project to the Junior Co-Production Market?
The Junior Co-Production Market offers a unique opportunity within an inspiring, creative environment to meet a number of high-profile international players, including producers, commissioning editors, distributors and experts. We are looking forward to making new connections, discussing production content and eventually to find new partners.

How are you preparing for your pitch?

There’s a lot of advice already out there on how to prepare and deliver a pitch. We read and studied this material very closely and started off by writing a general outline of our pitch. In a couple of weeks, we can test the pitch at the Holland Film Meeting, which will give us the opportunity to see/feel the reactions and (if necessary) to refine it.

What are you expecting and/or looking for at Cinekid?
Our aim is to get in touch or find co-producers from one or two countries, preferably Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France or Scandinavia. Additionally, we would like to attract funders, distributors and an international sales agent who will assist us in making MNK Boy an artistic and commercially viable success.