Programme & tickets online!

We are very happy to announce that tickets for our conference and seminar programme are available as of now!

We hope that the programme will once again offer you fresh insights, new tools and renewed inspiration for your your work within children’s media. Professionals with accreditation are offered a discount ticket for both events. Find tickets here or browse through the full CfP programme here.

Theme 2017: Expand your world – re-discovering media

Children’s media professionals are always seeking new ways to reach their audience and for ways to innovate: new stories, new technologies, new ideas. In order to achieve this, it is sometimes necessary to step away from the well-worn path. That’s why this year’s theme will be about breaking boundaries and rediscovering media while redefining the industry’s responsibilities.

Think of a young child growing up with an open mind: a clean slate with endless possibilities, free of all preconceptions. Boundaries, preconceptions and limitations are inevitably picked up along the way. These can be important to structure and understand the world around us, but they also constrain our imagination and creativity. In order to stay connected with young audiences, let’s try to take a look through their eyes. We might find a fresh perspective on today’s reality and future possibilities.

Moreover, we need to take children seriously as makers themselves. Kids today are consuming, creating and dealing with media in different ways. What can industry professionals learn from them? As the lines between traditional and new media, and between physical and virtual/digital reality, are fading, the content that children are consuming and creating no longer fits into the originally defined categories of film, television and new/digital media. What possibilities open up when we choose to ignore these boundaries?

Professionals Conference
Wednesday 25 October

For this year’s Professionals Conference we have some fascinating speakers and topics lined up for you. The morning programme includes Lego’s Creative Manager of Digital Games Jais Christensen and David Kleeman of Dubit, who will be breaking boundaries by addressing play design through a child’s eyes. Also joining the programme is Sarah Cox, Creative Director at Aardman who will tackle choices in animation.  

In the afternoon the wonderful Monika Bielskyte, founder of ALLFUTUREVERYTHING,,joins the line-up to address alternative ways to envision the future of immersive technologies. In addition, Claire Cook from Nexus Studios dives into narratives and storytelling within interactive productions. And that’s not all! Other speakers include Luna Maurer, founder of Amsterdam-based interactive design studio Studio Moniker, and Regine Debatty, founder of the award-winning blog We Make Money Not Art.

Stay tuned as more speakers will be announced shortly.

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Media Literacy Seminar  - Powered by
Thursday 26 October

The rapid pace at which technology is changing is having huge effects on our cultures and relationships. At the same time a divide between generations is emerging because of this rapidly evolving media landscape. Digital natives have different relationships with media than millennials and older generations. Children today are consuming, creating, dealing with and living in media in numerous other ways - we need to adapt to that.

Let’s bridge the generational gap by taking children seriously as makers, users and creative beings. What can we as professionals and educators learn from these young media makers and users?

During the Media Literacy Seminar we will be doing this by taking a fresh perspective. What more do you need when you grow up with the whole world just a mouse click away, where there’s a (media) channel for every niche and where your birth language is merely one means of communication. Immerse yourself in an afternoon full of inspiring talks and workshops and ‘wake up’ with a new perspective.

Confirmed speakers: David Kleeman (Moderator and SVP of Global Trends at Dubit), Henk Oosterling (associate professor at the Philosophy Department of the Erasmus University Rotterdam), Asta Wellejus (transmedia producer) and Lilian Stolk (Emoji expert).

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