New Media Conference: New Creative Technologies

Cinekid New Media Conference


How artistic research contributes to tools & technologies for a young audience
Talks, Break Out Sessions & Drinks


Wednesday October 15th 2014
Program: 13.00 – 18.00
MediaLab open from 10:00, tour at 11.00

Part of the Cinekid Festival
Tickets: €45

We are pleased to announce that this year the first New Media Conference will take place as part of the Cinekid for Professionals programme, in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut*. The conference, which takes place on the 15th of October in Amsterdam next to the MediaLab exhibit, will be themed around art, research & development in relation to crossmedia products geared towards young audiences. 

We kick off with a series of plenary sessions to explore how new technologies are being researched in cross-media collaborations. The international line-up includes Zachary Lieberman, Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue and Anna Dumitriu, whose commissioned installations are all part of the MediaLab hands-on exhibition this year. This will be followed by break out sessions in smaller groups that will address how these kinds of new applications can be employed in professional practice. The aim is to exchange ideas, expertise and experience, with honest stories about ‘the making of’, with lots of information about what works and what doesn’t.

This is a great opportunity to meet designers, makers, artists, academics, educators and other experts and practitioners in the new media field specialising in creating work for young audiences. Among those sharing their work will be Ars Electronica Unter 19 from Linz, Sago Sago and TIFF Kids from Toronto, Waag Society, Tinkertank, Game Oven, the conference speakers and many more. The day will finish up with drinks, along with the rest of the Cinekid for Professionals guests.

And of course you can visit the Cinekid Medialab, next to the conference venue, the best place to try out and experience the new works and tools for yourself.

This conference and network meeting is the second in a series of international meetings on new media and young audiences. The first was held during the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) in Rotterdam in May, see blog post.

Visit the programme page for the line-up, tickets and more information about the speakers and themes.

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Advances in new media technologies have given rise to a growing need within many art and media disciplines for a multidisciplinary research practice in which process forms a key element. This type of research is characterised by serendipity, cross-mediality and collaboration, and brings about new techniques and tools with new applications. This conference examines how these tools and techniques are developed in multidisciplinary teams and how this relates to the artistic process. New technologies and experiments involving cooperation between a variety of disciplines, offer new tools and new possibilities for applications that young people will use. Before these can be part of real products that we use on a daily basis we need to invest in research and create a space for imagining what these may be. The conference will examine how this kind of research works, what possibilities it holds in the near future and how it could be applied in practice. The second part of the conference takes the form of more informal sessions in an interactive setting. We will look at how new technologies are being applied in a range of professional practices, and see demonstrations of new tools and applications.

The cultural and social relevance of new media, media literacy and media education for young audiences continues to grow, but what is missing is a place to share and discover this need. Makers, curators, researchers, educators, decision-makers and other developers invested in younger audiences are left to gather their information from a variety of events and translate it to fit their own needs. By setting up and facilitating a dedicated network we can encourage a discourse to come about that will serve the industry and the sector.

*Het Nieuwe Instituut for architecture, design and e-culture