Cinekid is very proud to introduce its new Festival Hotel: DoubleTree By Hilton Amsterdam. Here, General Manager Caroline Receveur talks about the hotel’s special appeal to visitors to Amsterdam, and why she is forging close links with Cinekid – and don't forget to check out the hotel pictures!

Why is DoubleTree Hotel interested in working closely with Cinekid?

Firstly, Cinekid is such a good initiative. The variety of activities and the level of professionalism with which they operate really puts a smile on my face. What’s more, I think the Westergasfabriek is the perfect location to host the festival. With its historical background and huge variety of possibilities Cinekid is able to present an event that is accessible to everyone.

Secondly, we’re proud to co-operate with Cinekid as we feel that we are, in our own way, helping to support high quality visual culture for children. For DoubleTree this is very important because children are the future.

Hilton also supports Ducks for Change, Hilton Community's fundraising initiative to support disadvantaged young people through the sale of novelty ducks in participating hotels. The ducks can be purchased for £5 or €6 for a pack of three and are available from hotel receptions. £1 (or €1) per purchase is given to good causes. Last year we donated money to the Foundation Heppie which organises holidays and weekends for children in the Netherlands who are growing up in difficult circumstances. At Heppie hotel, kids can enjoy a carefree time because for Heppie one thing matters more than anything else: every child deserves attention.

What are the special features of the DoubleTree Hotel?

At DoubleTree by Hilton, the traveller feels human again. We are glad you are here: Amsterdam residents, artists, families, young kids, couples of all ages and business professionals. And as soon as you step into our hotel, enjoy our famous baked DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookies!

What makes us special? Whether you are here for business or for a leisure break, whether you live in Amsterdam or you’re from abroad, you will see how everything comes together in this hotel to create a very unique vibe. It may be your morning coffee ritual at Starbucks, breakfast or dinner in the City Café, a quick lunch in our Lobby bar or obviously a stay overnight in one of our rooms or suites. There’s something for everyone, anytime. It’s too much to list!

Last year your SkyLounge Amsterdam won the Best Hotel Bar Award in Amsterdam, can you tell us more about that?

SkyLounge is unique to Amsterdam. With most buildings in the historic city of Amsterdam being just 3-4 stories high, you can literally see the entire city from a new and elevated perspective. Skylounge is often complimented for bringing a sense of New York to Amsterdam. We don’t want to keep that to ourselves. We feel it should be a place both for everybody - visitors from abroad and Amsterdam residents. This is what makes a hotel bar international! So we have opened our doors to anyone who enjoys breath-taking views, great bites, wonderful finger food and a wide range of signature cocktails, wines and beverages.

Winning the award of Best Hotel Bar 2013 meant that the people of Amsterdam appreciate what we offer, a vibrant living room for anyone! And that makes us very proud.

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