Meet the team: Rob van Wegen

Time to Introduce you to another member of the CfP team. This time we are proud to present our producer Rob van Wegen! Read the Q&A with Rob below.

Rob, please introduce yourself and tell us something about your background
My name is Rob and for the last four years I've been working as a freelancer for different (film)festivals. After my studies I started out as a film producer, but I slowly made the switch to festivals. During the summer I do a lot of site management atoutdoor events and when it gets colder, I start my work for the film festivals and do more desk work. I like to work in different departments, to gain a wide range of experience in event production. That's why I’m really happy that I found my place in the Cinekid for Professionals Team.

What is your role at Cinekid for Professionals?
I will assist senior producer Liselot with her tasks. I will mostly be working on the practical side of things that are necessary for the professionals programme, such as coordinating the technical details and ordering furniture. Also I will be making all the information sheets for the events.

What do you like about Cinekid?
Two years ago I saw the film The Kid with Charlie Chaplin. The film will never be the same again once you have seen it with children laughing in the seats around you. After the screening we went on to the MediaLab. That was when I knew for sure that I wanted to be part of this inspiring festival.