Meet the Team: Matthijs van der Veer

Every two weeks, we will be introducing you to a member of the Cinekid for Professionals team. Next in line is the producer of the Cinekid ScreeningClub: Matthijs van der Veer.

Matthijs, please introduce yourself and tell us something about your background.

Last year I attained an MA in Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam. To round off my Masters, I interned at the Dutch public broadcasting agency NTR. There, my main activities involved the reading of various film and television treatments and screenplays, as well as participating in discussions with directors and writers on their latest drafts.

Cinema more often than not takes the number one spot in my spare time, and I occasionally like to write about film and television. The remainder of my time is often spent playing various musical instruments. 

What is your role at Cinekid for Professionals?

At Cinekid for Professionals, my main task is the production of the Cinekid ScreeningClub. This is the on-site digital video library in which TV buyers, sales agents, distributors and festival programmers are able to view over 300 A/V productions aimed at children aged 4-14.  

What do you like about Cinekid?

I think the main value of Cinekid is the widely diverse amount of experiences that it offers to young audiences. The projects included in the programme often challenge, rather than underestimate, children’s abilities. The guiding principle is that the joy of childlike exploration should be paramount and the tedium of didacticism should be avoided. This renders Cinekid’s existence essential for both consumers and professionals. Having many nice and smart colleagues only helps to sweeten the deal.