Meet the team: Liselot Verbrugge

We already introduced you to the new head of the Cinekid for Professionals team, Nienke Poelsma. Are you curious to know who else is part of the team? In the following weeks we will introduce you to our wonderful staff. Starting off with the new producer of CfP; meet Liselot Verbrugge.

Liselot, please introduce yourself and tell us something about your background
Since graduating from the Dutch Film Academy (where I studied production) I have worked both in film production and  as a sales agent for NPO Sales, and I gained wide experience in the field of festival production . I have organised many industry events, including working for IDFA Forum (a pitching forum at one of the leading documentary festivals in the world) and I was the Production Manager for NFF Talent, an extensive programme of the Netherlands Film Festival that introduces new talent to experienced filmmakers .

My experience so far has taught me a lot about the road a film must travel down - from the creation process to production, from pitching forum to video library, reaching out to sales agents, distributors, festivals, networks, funds etc. - before it finally reaches its audience.

What is your role at Cinekid for Professionals?
In my current position I oversee the production of Cinekid for Professionals in all its facets. This entails more than I can even begin to describe. But the most important thing might be that I handle the budget ;-).

What do you like about Cinekid for Professionals?
While working in the film industry, I have always had a weak spot for children’s media. I love projects that take children seriously, without having to be too serious. Projects that can be entertaining, funny or sad, but still offer something that  a child can take with him or her for life.

What I also like about Cinekid for Professionals is the combination of ambition, professionalism and playfulness. This goes for our activities - but also for our staff!