Meet the team: Head of CfP


Next up in our Meet the Team series is the head of our department: Nienke Poelsma! Learn all about her childhood nostalgia and what she is looking forward to in October.

Nienke, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background

Hi again! I am now entering the second year as Head of Cinekid for Professionals and I absolutely love it!

I joined Cinekid in May 2015 from International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) where I was Coordinator CineMart & Rotterdam LAB; the long established co-production market of the IFFR and the established workshop for emerging producers.  I’m still secretary on the board of Rotterdam’s finest (and only) silent rooftop cinema  Roffa Mon Amour, which just took place (27-31 July 2016). 


Which media productions bring out the child in you?

I’m becoming all nostalgic from programmes from the Dutch public children’s broadcaster Zapp that were on the telly in my era and are still on (or came back) like Klokhuis (literally translated core of an apple), Jeugd Journaal (Kids News) but also new programming like the Beestieboys, about the special bond between humans and animals. Further to it I’m very happy to see that Roos en haar mannen (Roos and her Men) are coming back again from September 2016; it’s a funny series of Roos, the lady boss, and her two clumsy assistants; it’s full of sensational, useless action and an extreme dose of harmless violence - I absolutely loved it when I was young! It pleases me to see that classics like these are coming back again. When it comes to films I absolutely still go all childishly weepy at the Bambi and the Lion King.


What are you most looking forward to during the festival?

First of all to finally see the festival and its wonderful programming come to life and see all these 55.000 (!) kids enjoy it.

And of course welcoming all these wonderful guests from all over the world whom contribute to an important children’s industry which help kids construct their identity and make them media aware human beings. People who realise that children are smart and bold and do desire for qualitative productions in which they are truly represented. So last but not least I cannot wait for the wonderful productions that will result from this edition!