Meet the team: Emmy Sidiras

Are you curious to know who is part of the Cinekid for Professionals team? In the following weeks we will introduce you to our wonderful staff. Starting off with the new coordinator of the Guest Service: Emmy Sidiras 

Emmy, Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background

Hi! My name is Emmy Sidiras and I’m the coordinator of Guest Services. Many years ago I studied Arts & Culture in Maastricht and moved on to studying Film in Amsterdam. After my studies I started working for the co-production market CineMart at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Which media productions bring out the child in you?

I still love watching old cartoons! In the face of the everchanging landscape of animation my favourite cartoons still include Transformers, X-men, and Batman. However, my alltime favourite is a Japanse cartoon called Maple Town, which unfortunately had a very short run.

What are you most looking forward to during the festival?

I’m really looking forward to meeting all our Cinekid for Professionals guests in person. Our Junior Co-production Market will also be very interesting and I hope some fruitful relationships will start.