Meet the team: Emma O'Hare

And once again, another member of our team is in line to be introduced; meet Emma O'Hare, conference & seminar coordinator and responisible for marketing at CfP.

Emma, please introduce yourself and tell us something about your background
My Cinekid career started five years ago when I was an intern at the New Media department. I had just finished my bachelor degree in Philosophy and Media Studies specialising in new media. The internship was a real eye opener for me; I loved the thrill of working for the festival, meeting interesting people and researching topics.  Since, I’ve attained my master’s degree in Journalism and have worked on several projects at Cinekid including two research reports to set up and improve Cinekid’s AppLab.
Besides Cinekid I also work as project manager at ROSE stories. ROSE stories’ aim is to create tangible products out of stories from different cultures.
In my spare time I am a podcast addict and binge watcher of way too many television series. Also I enjoy cooking, especially the eating part, preferably with friends and enough wine.

What is your role at Cinekid for Professionals?
Currently I co-ordinate the Professionals Conference and the Media Literacy Seminar.  Also I handle the marketing of Cinekid for Professionals. Did I mention that tickets for our amazing programme are available online as of now?

What do you like about Cinekid?
Change is the only constant factor at Cinekid. The organisation is always looking at ways to improve and evolve. That is of course all thanks to the people that work at Cinekid. I have met a lot of inspiring colleagues and made good friends at Cinekid. The organisation takes children seriously and offers a high quality programme for all ages.