Meet the team: Amber Nefkens

Every couple of weeks we introduce you to more and more members of the CfP team. This time we are proud to present Amber Nefkens! Read the Q&A with Amber below.

Amber, please introduce yourself and tell us something about your background
During my bachelor’s Language and Culture studies at Utrecht University, I followed an internship at the Television Department of Cinekid in 2010. A year later, I joined the Cinekid for Professionals team. Since, I’ve completed my bachelor and today I also hold a master’s degree in Film and Television Studies at the Utrecht University. Besides Cinekid, I also worked at Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen,  as the Coordinator of the Student Campus and Coordinator Industry. After the 2015 edition of Cinekid, I will start working at the Educational department of Focus Film Theatre Arnhem.

Besides working at Film Festivals, I participated in CinemAsia Film LAB in 2013. This resulted in my first short documentary as a director in April 2014: Dutch East Indies on a Plate.
I love to watch films and television series and I am very passionate about making music: I am the lead singer of the indie dream pop band Nowhere Near.

What is your role at Cinekid for Professionals?
I am currently the Producer of the Cinekid Script LAB and Test & Pitch with Kids, as well as the Coordinator of the ScreeningClub, Cinekid’s digital sales library. Besides working for Cinekid for Professionals, I also work as the Producer of the Cinekid Schools Programme and Cinekid on Location.

What do you like about Cinekid?
This will be my sixth year working at Cinekid, and we are constantly evolving. Last year, for example, the Cinekid Script LAB was established, which in my opinion is a very important initiative to create the best children’s films. It’s extremely inspiring to see the script writers work and develop their scripts. Next to the great programming of Cinekid for Professionals, Cinekid also offers a lot of happiness to children during the festival week in October. It’s really nice to see children exploring the MediaLab and being enthusiastic about high quality films and television series.
And last, but not least: the colleagues I work with are the best. Work hard, play hard!