Cinekid for Professionals is proud to have attracted some of the industry’s most creative, inspiring and productive media companies as partners. These are companies that have developed and maintained long and strong ties with (children’s) media, and they are all companies with a unique signature as they approach their professional and creative endeavours. In this newsletter we train the spotlight on the German organization PRIMEHOUSE with a special focus on their program Prime4Kids&Family.


Berlin based company PRIMEHOUSE is focused on the early linkage of interactive and classic formats and represents the connection between film, television and interactive media. They operate non-commercial, international training initiatives as well as commercial activities in the field of financing support, development, production and sales. PRIMEHOUSE has successfully organized several European programs for continuous training for film. These include: PRIMEGAMES, the first program implementing the game industry into the film packaging process, and PRIMEXCHANGE Europe-India, a co-production workshop focused on the collaboration between Europe and India and PRIME4Kids&Family (P4K&F).


PRIME4Kids&Family is Europe’s only international development workshop for children and family entertainment. The MEDIA-funded program addresses screenwriters and creative teams developing a project for a feature film, TV-series or interactive platforms. P4K&F offers specialised interdisciplinary support by distinguished hands-on professionals from allied fields.


Each year, one of the P4K&F projects will be awarded Best Promising Project at Cinekid for Professionals. PRIME4Kids&Family 2013 is open for applications until August 25 2013. Please find here the application form and regulations.


Frank Stehling, CEO Primehouse: “We are happy to already present this year the 3rd Prime 4Kids&Family award in collaboration with Cinekid for Professionals, one of the most important markets for children and family entertainment. Our partnership with Cinekid reflects perfectly our believe that the support of European collaboration and cross-media production is essential to further create successful content for children and family audiences.