Cinekid is proud to introduce its Advisory Board.

One by one the Cinekid for Professionals Board Members have been profiled in our newsletters and online. This month we introduce you to our newest Board Member: Lily Yan, Brand Director at Nelvana.

“My name is Lily Yan. I am the Brand Director at Nelvana, responsible for managing the marketing initiatives for our brands worldwide. Nelvana is a division of Corus Entertainment, an award-winning international media company comprising production, consumer products, broadcast, and radio divisions based in Canada. As owner of the leading children's broadcast channels in the country, Corus and Nelvana have a unique advantage over other producers in that we are able to fund and produce high quality animated and live action series and broadcast them in Canada; the results of which we then leverage to help place our series into international markets.”

How would you describe the strength of Cinekid for Professionals?

Cinekid for Professionals is a great forum for viewing new content in an informal and friendly setting. Participating for the first time last year, I was very impressed by the format, as well as by the quality of the productions presented.

How will you look to contribute to Cinekid for Professionals as an  Advisory Board member?

I have a unique perspective as a representative of Nelvana and Corus Entertainment as we are a content producer, distributor, and broadcaster - all-in-one. I understand the need to balance creative vision and commercial needs. With that insight, my hope is that I can help participants understand how various players in the market will view and evaluate content.

What advice would you offer producers who wish to be selected for the Junior Co-production Market?
One thing I would recommend to producers is to know your competition. While it is important to be able to articulate your vision and show how your production stands out, it is equally important to analyze and know what is working, or what has worked in the market - and what has not! Understanding this will help shape your pitch to broadcasters and investors as the reality is that many will look to compare it to other programs within that genre.

What’s your favourite children’s film / TV show? Why?

One of my favourite children's show was Care Bears. I still remember desperately wanting a Care Bear for Christmas and remembering the joy when I ended up getting one. Fast forward a few years later after studying at university, I realized I had two potential career paths... one would be in traditional marketing and the other in the entertainment industry. I am now fortunate to have both and I love it!

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