Cinekid is proud to introduce its Advisory Board, and we are presenting its members, one by one, in our newsletters and on the website during the run-up to the festival. We introduce you to Vicky Schroderus.

My name is Vicky Schroderus and I work as Acquisition Executive for Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. Finnish speaking YLE TV2 is the biggest broadcaster of kids’ programmes when measured by ratings and audience satisfaction in Finland. Altogether it airs about 1000 hours of programming for the 2-12 year age bracket. The PIKKU KAKKONEN magazine show is one of the biggest brands at YLE. Its main focus is on 3-6 year olds and reaches about 85% of the target group every week. For 7-12 years olds, YLE has an interactive brand named GALAXI which reaches about 64% of its target group every week. BUU-KLUBBEN is aired by the Swedish-speaking channel YLE Fem. Its main focus is the 4-7 year-olds. I am in charge of buying animation (about 50-70% of the volume) for all the above mentioned shows.

How would you describe the strength of Cinekid for Professionals?
The networking opportunities are great. The market is smaller than those of Cannes, Toulouse and New York, so it gives everybody a great opportunity to meet professionals they would not have time to meet at other markets. The sessions have interesting topics and speakers who will plant seeds for new ideas about the genre. The different co-pro markets give a great opportunity to producers to pitch their project in sufficient time and to get an instant feedback. Overall, one gets a lot of work done in a couple of  days. Personally, I also fancy the interactive play area where I can dive into the world of interactive gaming.

What do you hope to bring to the Advisory Board of Cinekid for Professionals?
I consider myself a veteran of animation. After all I have been professionally involved with it over 15 years. I hope to give an insight into what the trends are in the broadcasting world, what are the main programming requirements in Europe and what kind of challenges the broadcasters meet in the digital world.