Cinekid is proud to introduce its Advisory Board. One by one the members will be presented in our newsletters and on the website during the run-up to the festival. By the time Cinekid for Professionals takes place, you will know or entire Board! This month we introduce you to Juliet Tzabar and Dominic Minns, founders of the production company Plug-In Media (UK) who sit as co-members on our Advisory Board.


Please introduce yourselves

We're Juliet and Dom and we own and run a company called Plug-in Media, based in the UK. We are a digital production company making apps, games and animation. Juliet looks after new business development, the day-to-day running of the company and takes an exec producer role on everything that we have in production. Dom is the company's creative director - he's responsible for coming up with the ideas that form the company's creative output as well as seeing all our projects through from a creative perspective - that can mean anything from leading the production team to directing actors or composing and playing original music.


How would you describe the strength of Cinekid for Professionals?
We came to Cinekid for Professionals for the first time last year and were struck by what a brilliant opportunity it presents to network with other people in the industry. The kids' content industry is a very friendly one and it was a brilliant opportunity to meet and talk with people who are also making TV, films and games for kids - it's very inspiring to see what else is going on, particularly in a European context. Coming from a production company that's very active in interactive media, Cinekid feels very inclusive and forward-thinking when it comes to digital. It's also a brilliant excuse to come to one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world!


How will you look to contribute to Cinekid for Professionals as a member of the Advisory Board?
We are incredibly excited by how quickly our industry is changing at the moment and our company is placed very much at the intersection between linear animated content and interactive games. We hope to bring this dual perspective to the advisory board. Hopefully we'll also be bringing our unique British sense of humour!


Any advice for producers to get selected for the Junior Co-production Market…
Have a brilliant idea that's really well thought through. If your project is a cross-media proposal, then make sure that the digital elements are woven through with the brand's DNA - not just an add-on component!


What's your favourite children’s TV show?
Juliet: As a girl growing up, I loved BBC dramas such as LIZZIE DRIPPING and DR WHO.  Then I adored shows like TAKE HART and BLUE PETER as I was always drawing and making things.
Dom: Growing up, I loved anything and everything animated! Especially any of the classics by Chuck Jones and Fred Quimby. I also found THE GOODIES hysterical.

What's new?

“We're really proud to announce our new project TEE AND MO which goes live this week: - it's a suite of digital online games focusing on the relationship between a little monkey and his first time monkey mum, who sometimes want to do different things but always end up having fun. The whole experience is intended for a dual audience of parents and children to enjoy together. We're also developing it as a TV series and think the trend of brands that premiere online and then migrate to other platforms is one to watch!”