Media Literacy Seminar - Save the date!

The Media Literacy seminar powered by focusses on new innovative forms of media literacy materials, in particular materials that aim at participation, critical thinking, creativity and self-expression. Innovative best cases will illustrate practices that use digital media to bring media literacy into the classroom and children’s lives.


For example, an exciting series that combines television and internet will be introduced. The series deals with media literacy on television and offers additional information to the viewer on the internet during the show. 

Among the attending companies are the BBC, EYE and Unexpect. The keynote by Martin Finn of Edcoms (UK) will present an overview of the main innovations in the media literacy field. Join colleagues from the media industry, developers of media literacy tools and educational institutes come to exchange knowledge and experiences.

The showcases provide inspiration and know-how to take back to everyone’s everyday practice. The best practices tell you how the tools & projects  contribute to children’s media literacy & to new ways of learning

The day offers a varied programme with presentations from several countries and with tools for different ages. Topics include: coding for kids, film literacy and new ways of storytelling. The ways audiences are targeted will also be addressed. During the presentations technology, content, education & communication come together.  

Practical information – Save the date!

Location: Kunstenhuis
Tuesday 14 October 2014
- 11.00 – 15.00hr 
Tickets: €60

The Media Literacy seminar is part of Cinekid for Professionals during the Cinekid festival.

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