During this years’ Cinekid for Professionals, three winning projects were highlighted:

- WPP Best Project Award

- Cinekid Pixel Market Award

- Cinekid Prime4Kids Award

WPP Best Project Award (Wim Pel Productions)
Cinekid for Professionals is proud to give the WPP Best Project Award, to the most promising project for the second consecutive time. The award was offered by our sponsor Wim Pel Productions, an audio post-production and dubbing company based in the Netherlands, with both national and international partners and projects.

This year the jury consisted of Justine Bannister (JUST B, France), Anja Sosic (New Europe Film Sales, Poland), and Felix Vanginderhuysen (Jekino, Belgium),  they shortlisted the following projects:

Special Mention in the category Cross-Media: Milli (Honig Studios GmbH, Germany, represented by Federico Dini).

Special Mention in the category Film: Blue Bicycle (Drama Film Prodüksiyon, Turkey, represented by Ümit Köreken).

Special Mention in the category TV: Hullabalooba ( Studio Outo, Finland, represented by Taina Rokainen).

The project Milli received also received Special Mention for Best Pitch.

The WPP Best Project Award of € 10.000, to be spend on audio post-production at WPP studios, was rewarded to the project Blue Bicycle.

Cinekid Prime4Kids Award
The Cinekid Prime4Kids Award was given to the project Crochet Robots (Studio dim, Croatia, represented by Marina Andree Skop). The project received the award for one of the most outstanding projects that participated in the Prime4Kids script workshop.

Cinekid Pixel Market Award
During the Power to the Pixel Market in London the Cross Media Project Milli (Honig Studios GmbH, Germany, represented by Federico Dini) was already awarded the Cinekid Pixel Market Award. By receiving the Power to the Pixel Award, the project was automatically selected for the Junior Co-production Market.

Cinekid for Professionals would like to thank its partners: Prime4Kids and Power to the Pixel and sponsor Wim Pel Productions for their much appreciated collaboration and contribution to this professionals event.