Introducing the new Head of Digital Culture

Cinekid is proud to introduce the new Head of Digital Culture, Ward Janssen. Janssen will, among other things, be responsible for the curation of Cinekid’s MediaLab; Europe’s largest digital media playground which features a wide array of interactive media art and design projects.
Cinekid's MediaLab
The MediaLab connects new technologies to the exciting and sometimes confusing digital media age we live in. Does the digital age leave any space for new forms of beauty? Does digital identity mean we are one step away from becoming our own avatar? Do digital media change the way we see the world? Or is it all just a flashy bombardment? The MediaLab presents artworks for the digital natives and critical experiments about our visual storytelling culture, questioning how film and the cinematic narrative will evolve in the coming years.
About Ward Janssen
Before joining Cinekid Ward Janssen (1981) was a curator of the MOTI Museum of the Image, where he was responsible for new (mostly digital) collection acquisitions, the development of exhibitions and projects, research and publications. Recently, Janssen was a curator of exhibitions about new generations of digital artists and about the cultural relevance of hypes in our media culture.
Besides the exhibitions he wrote about new phenomena in visual culture and new media for the museum. Previously he made film programs and exhibitions for Cicada Studio, the Film + Design Festival and the House of Arts Culture with an emphasis on experimental film, crossovers between film and design, fashion and digital art.
In addition to his work at Cinekid, Janssen is involved in The Image Society projects and is an adviser on digital culture and festivals at the Creative Industries Fund.