The Advisory Board: Kresimir Zubcic

The Advisory Board of Cinekid for Professionals welcomes its new members, one of which is Kresimir Zubcic from Croatia. Kresimir has been working with the public broadcasting company HRT (Croatian Radiotelevision) since 1989. Today, he functions as both the head of the Foreign Programme Department and the Editor-buyer for children's content.

Who is Kresimir Zubcic and what is your function at HRT?

I have been working with HRT since 1989 as a scriptwriter, host or editor in several children’s docu-series. I started in 1996 as an editor's assistant in the animation department, and with time I took over responsibilities for all foreign language programs for children and youth at Croatian TV. Nowadays I have approximately 4000 time slots for animated shorts, 52 slots for children’s films, 365 slots for youth series, 365 slots for children’s series and about 1500 slots for animated series.

How would you describe the strength of Cinekid for Professionals?

“Cinekid as a festival gave me a huge platform to select quality programs for my TV Channel. For over 5 years it gave me a good perspective of Northern European productions and especially of the „difficult issues“ every society deals with – like youth pregnancy, sexual differences, drugs, single parents etc. That was a treasure chest when we had to open certain discussion among young people. From the other side, I was able to view billions of minutes of good quality preschool programs, animation, live action series and adventure series with positive attitudes carefully created with help of psychologists and preschool teachers – calming down the kids under the stress of transition in our country.

What would you describe as one of the main assets of Cinekid for Professionals?

The Festival that is running at the same time. Cinekid should keep its tradition of a „live audience“ - kids are the best critics. They laugh, they cry, they wonder – they react on stimulus – honestly! In the meantime all electronic platforms such as TV have changed. With new technologies, tablets and smartphones everywhere, it is good to have one place where parents could take their children to interact with other children (and parents too), as well as learn how to watch and how to understand the art of film.