Eric Guaglione keynote speaker at Professionals Conference

Eric Guaglione (Supervisor Director, Rovio), one of the creators of Angry Birds will give the yearly keynote at the Professionals Conference Thursday 16 October: Keynote: Keep your audience: From game to cartoon: Angry Birds – the transition of an existing interactive brand to linear storytelling. During his presentation Gauglione will address the following issues: From game to cartoon to feature, what decisions do you make? Many of us struggle with creating a coherent story on all story levels. From interactive to linear, from TV to game to film. With Angry Birds we have an outstanding example where the characters are at the heart and start of the story. 

How did Guaglione work his way from one story level to the next? Who are the characters and what's the conflict? Which storylines do you choose to develop, while remaining attractive to the million fans of the brand? Which bird becomes female and which one male? How do you retain your audience while developing your brand? And which broadcast platforms did they choose? This and much more will be part of the one-hour keynote by this creative mastermind of one of the prolific children’s brands of the past years.

Guaglione has over 30 years of experience in feature animation, series animation and visual effects. He has worked at studios such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. and Disney Feature Animation, and on projects including Lilo and Stitch, Mulan, Star Trek and Indiana Jones. Besides his background as an animator and director, Guaglione has also written feature-length screenplays. He also enjoys teaching industry workshops worldwide. Eric now oversees the artistic evolution of Rovio Animation’s studio, consistently driving top quality creative output.

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