11 writers of Children’s Film to Script LAB

Cinekid welcomes 11 writers from 7 countries to the 2nd edition of Script LAB, a four-month project-driven training workshop in Amsterdam (home to Cinekid) and Berlin (Berlinale) that focusses on children’s film. Organised by Cinekid for Professionals, this year’s Script LAB also welcomes the Finnish Film Foundation and the German Federal Film Board (FFA) as new partners.

Over the course of Script LAB the 11 writers, representing 7 projects, will further develop their scripts for children’s feature films across all stages of development. The coaching offered to each filmmaker is tailor-made and will address the needs of both the writer and the story during the lab’s two-phased trajectory.

Personal coaches

At Script LAB filmmakers are coached and supported by (inter)nationally acclaimed advisors who will push them to their creative limits. For this year’s edition the experienced coaches Rasmus Horskjaer (DK), Boudewijn Koole (NL) and Jolein Laarman (NL) will advise the writers and guide their project to the next phase. Over the entire period each filmmaker will be assigned his or her own script coach who will guide them personally during the 4-month journey. Teamwork, the interpersonal exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as a safe and nurturing lab environment, are the foundation stones of Cinekid’s Script LAB.

The first part of the training takes place prior to Cinekid for Professionals in Amsterdam (October 2015). Cinekid for Professionals is the industry arm of the festival where LAB participants can take their bearings and start to position their projects within the international market. The second phase brings them to Berlin where the LAB takes place just before the Berlinale (February 2016), where participants can meet fellow filmmakers.


Script LAB is organised in close collaboration with various international partner organisations and funding bodies, such as Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Finnish Film Foundation, German Federal Film Board, Icelandic Film Centre, Netherlands Film Fund, Norwegian Film Institute and the Swedish Film Institute. Instead of an open selection procedure, participants in the Script LAB are nominated by these partners.

The LAB contributes to Cinekid’s ambition of nurturing talent and supporting the whole film production chain, from development to financing to exploitation. Furthermore it has proved to be a valuable tool in strengthening Cinekid’s international network.

The projects and participating writers selected for Cinekid Script LAB 2015 – 2016 are:

Nominated by Flanders Audiovisual Fund (Belgium)
Writer: Meikeminne Clinckspoor
Production company: Eyeworks Belgium

Nominated by Finnish Film Foundation (Finland)
Project: THE GNOME
Writer: Mia Ylönen
Production company: Parka Pictures

Nominated by the German Federal Film Board, FFA (Germany)
Writers: Heiko Zupke and Christian Theede
Production company: REAL FILM Berlin

Nominated by Icelandic Film Centre (Iceland)
Writers: María Reyndal and Ragnheiður Guðrún

Nominated by Netherlands Film Fund (Netherlands)
Writer: Lotte Tabbers
Production company: Viking Film

Nominated by Norwegian Film Institute (Norway)
Project: TONDO
Writers: Bianca Boege and Hilde Hagerup

Nominated by Swedish Film Institute (Sweden)
Project: VIAL – Empty Space (working title)
Writers: Henrik Stahl and Ted Kjellson
Production Company: NICE DRAMA


For further details, contact:

Rachel Voorbij, Publicity Cinekid

Nienke Poelsma, Head of Cinekid for Professionals