Cinekid for Professionals 2013: overview

Fleur Winters, Head of Cinekid for Professionals:
Cinekid for Professionals wishes you all the best for a creative, inspiring and healthy 2014! 
A little less than 3 months ago the highly successful 12th edition of Cinekid for Professionals took place. It was a packed 5 day event that brought more than 750 national and international children’s media professionals to Amsterdam, representing no less than 32 countries. Of those 750 guests, more than 175 were from abroad, including 21 broadcasters and 23 festivals. We presented a total of 42 speakers who discussed topics like Media Literacy; the latest action in Live Action; Hot and Cool new stuff in new media; stop motion animation and quality criteria for Apps. 
We selected 32 projects for the Junior Co-production Market from 16 territories of which 12 were feature film, 10 television and 9 cross media projects, 17 were animated, 12 live-action, one had a mix of both and 2 were fully focussed on stop motion. Budgets varied from €380.000 to €12.000.000. We again congratulate the winner of the WPP Best Project Award: Blue Bycicle from Drama Film Prodüksiyon (including special mentions for the projects Milli, Honig Studios GmbH and Hullabalooba, Outu Studio). The Cinekid Prime4Kids Award was handed out to Crochet Robots, Studio Dim and the Cinekid Pixel Market Award also went to Milli. Over 300 pre-set meetings, excluding the many meetings that took place during the informal gatherings, resulted in many new partnerships and potential deals. 
At the ScreeningClub we presented no less than 307 productions from 42 countries, including a 43 harvest section of realized JCM projects. We presented a.o. 81 feature films, 125 short films, 61 fiction TV series, 40 documentaries of which there were 130 animated and 177 live action productions. 99% of all productions were screened and both the participant number and total viewing amount increased with 58% (!) compared to 2012. 
Needless to say the participants enjoyed visiting the many Festival Screenings (with English subtitles), together with the more than 50.000 children and parents visiting the festival and couldn’t get enough of observing and participating with the children in the MediaLab. 
We can only conclude that the 12th edition was a big success and we very much look forward welcoming you back in Amsterdam in October 2014
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