Cinekid Office is moved

As of 20 April Cinekid has moved its office to the Marineterrein in Amsterdam. Hereby Cinekid seeks a work environment besides the festival location that contributes to the programming and quality of the activities.

Marineterrein Amsterdam is driven by three values, these are:  
The curiosity to learn about new cultures, fields, techniques, and opinions. No fear for the unknown. Enterprising and resourceful. The desire to discover.

Actively combining knowledge, contacts, and resources. Innovative combinations of technology, science, and entrepreneurship. Aimed at mutual understanding and benefit. Cooperative and able to organize efficiently.

Focused on content. Concentrated and goal-oriented. Sustainable and serious. Unperturbed and undisturbed. Peace and concentration. No-nonsense attitude.

Cinekid supports these values and looks forward to the exciting developments that will take place in the coming years.

New address:
Kattenburgerstraat 5 
Gebouw 003 G (Poortgebouw)
1018 JA Amsterdam