Cinekid launches training programme: Cinekid Script LAB

In 2014 Cinekid for Professionals adds a new initiative to its growing 5-day industry event. The Cinekid Script LAB is a four-month script-training programme for writers with a children's film project. Co-funded by high profile film institutes VAF (BE), Norwegian Film Institute (NO), Swedish Film Institute (SE), Netherlands Film Fund (NL) and the Icelandic Film Institute (IC) we are proud to announce that the first edition will take place during the upcoming Cinekid event (11- 18 October).

Participants join with a project and for this first edition we have selected 5 projects in development, one project and one experienced writer from each of the participating film institutes, with screenwriting experts on hand to offer guidance and support. Interest in the new programme has been extremely high - in Belgium alone we received more than 50 applications. 

The Cinekid Script LAB will last four months, running between October’s Cinekid and the Berlinale in February. We employ esteemed script-coaches to guide the selected participants with their projects throughout the process. During the five months the participants will have access to dedicated script-coaches focussed on youth films to help them further their project. They can attend workshops during the get-togethers that will provide in-depth knowledge of scriptwriting and they will also be granted direct access to the children's film industry at Cinekid for Professionals. Kick-off will be Sunday the 12th of October.

Fleur Winters, Head of Cinekid for Professionals: “This high profile initiative is something that we at Cinekid saw was lacking in the market. We therefore felt it was the right time to start the Script LAB which falls very naturally in our overall programme of Cinekid for Professionals (CfP). At CfP we now support the whole film production chain, from development to financing to exploitation and even distribution. And at the same time we offer those participants a real ‘Cinekid connection’ as we will closely monitor their projects throughout these different stages, and support them where we can. What’s more, we will focus on these projects over the upcoming years during the Junior Co-production Market, and at ScreeningClub when they are completed. 

Given the experience of the writers attached, the Script LAB will be of the highest calibre. Writers can participate with a project at any stage, live-action or animation. There are specific tools to use when writing films for children, which we will present to our selected writers. At the same time we will allow them to work in a small focussed group in order to bring their script to a higher stage of development over these four months.