Cinekid Festival opens 2017 edition with Next Door Spy

It’s not long now until the Cinekid Festival is upon us again. This 31st edition opens on Wednesday 18 October with the festive Dutch premiere of the Danish animation film Next Door Spy.
Film noir and children’s espionage
Next Door Spy tells the story of 10-year-old Agathe-Christine, or AC for short. AC likes to be on her own and loves a good mystery. She has set up a small detective agency the basement of the building she recently moved into. AC’s first mystery appears to be simple to solve, but before long AC finds herself caught up in an affair that’s much more complicated than she could ever have imagined. 
Next Door Spy is directed by the Danish director Karla Van Bengtson and produced by Copenhagen Bombay (The Great Bear, Beyond Beyond). This 2D-animation has been dubbed into Dutch especially for Cinekid, and with its unusual ‘film noir’ angle it is part of one of the film programme’s thematic lines. Other themes include modern fairy tales and scary films.
Junior Co-Production Market
Next Door Spy is the result of (among other things) a pitch held at the Junior Co-Production Market during Cinekid for Professionals in October 2016. Every year, international film producers convene in Amsterdam to present their media projects to a large group of potential buyers and co-producers. 
The market’s media projects are selected by Cinekid. In this way it seeks to support the development of high-quality youth productions and to promote international collaborations.
Floor van Spaendonck, director of Cinekid: ‘I am proud to have the 31st edition of our festival open with the Dutch premiere of an animation film that was pitched as a project at our event, less than one year ago. Next Door Spy is a cheerful ‘film noir’ with a very engaging animation style.’
Save the dates! 
The Cinekid Festival takes place during the autumn holiday from 14 to 27 October. It is celebrated not just at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam but in 35 other cities throughout the country, under the title Cinekid on Tour:
Cinekid on Tour                          14 to 27 October 
Cinekid Amsterdam                    21 to 27 October 
Cinekid for Professionals           24 to 27 October
The  Cinekid for Professionals programme will be announced on 29 August and the full festival programme will be released on 5 October 2017 via