The Cinekid Experience 2-day programme offers pitch presentations of the latest and most dynamic cross media projects-in-development in the market, a stop-motion animation masterclass, a dynamic seminar detailing what is hot, cool and new, and the renowned Cinekid Conference. The Experience will unfold best practices,

 offer numerous business solutions, and will serve up both the latest content and the newest trends, all brought to you by award-winning international guests and speakers. Topics such as live action, gaming, apps, new media and stop-motion animation will be examined during a 2-day Experience that will also present limitless networking opportunities with the cream of professionals from the sector.

As you read in our previous newsletter the first day of the Cinekid Experience is devoted to the Cinekid Conference: Live Action: where’s the action? that has an ever-growing list of international speakers!

Day 2 of the Cinekid Experience consists of: The Junior Co-production Market: Pitch, Seminar & Masterclass, Thursday 24 October 2013.

The very busy day kicks off with the Junior Co-production Market: Pitch
The Junior Co-production Market is an integrated 2-day co-production market that enables financiers, broadcasters and producers to assess new and innovative projects within the cross-media, film and television sectors. The market starts with a public pitch of the cross-media projects.
The Cinekid Experience gives you the chance to be part of this unique pitch event. You can see how key professionals from all over the world present their latest projects in development. Get inspired and learn how they develop a project on multiple platforms.

Afternoon Seminar: Hot & Cool New Stuff
Be inspired, informed, and blown away by the hottest & coolest stuff for kids. During this seminar you will be dazzled by what is possible within image culture, storytelling and the digital world. Sony Game Director Russel Harding will share his secrets about the making of THE BOOK OF SPELLS, the amazing augmented reality book for little wizards based on the Harry Potter tales.Co-founder and designer Jonas Loh from Studio Nand will show his collaborative work with Disney Research Lab. Imagine a plant sighing upon each stroke and laughing when you tickle it? He will talk about the rapid and enchanting fusion between computer and objects. CEO Jason Krogh of Canadian Sago Sago, daughter company of TOCA BOCA, will show us the latest developments in children’s apps and showcase the amazing early learning app series recently launched by his company.

The day continues with the Masterclass: Stop-Motion Animation
Multi-talented Norwegian stop-motion animator Jens Gulliksen, known for box office hits such as FANTASTIC MR. FOX, CORPSE BRIDE and FRANKENWEENIE, will inform the audience about the route he took from Norway to Hollywood and back again in order to create his latest work, the remake of the most legendary Norwegian stop motion film, SOLAN AND LUDVIG. Paul Mathot, Creative Director at the Pedri animation studio was responsible for the film’s puppet animation design and will share his insights on the subject. During the masterclass, images from the new SOLAN AND LUDVIG film will be screened for the first time ever! The film will officially be released November 8 in Norway. This masterclass will be organised in partnership with Animation Magazine.

Industry drinks
Discuss all you’ve heard and seen during these drinks on Thursday, when the Cinekid for Professionals awards will also be handed out. This includes the Best Project Award, for the best project in the Junior Co-production Market, the WPP Award worth €10.000 in sound editing; the Cinekid Pixel Market Award, for the best project of the Pixel Forum Award (handed out also in London the week prior to the event) and the Cinekid Prime4Kids Award for best project of Prime4Kids workshop. After the ceremony a singer songwriter duo will fill the room with great songs.

City Dinner
After the unparalleled success of last year’s inaugural City Dinner, we will host the event again this year. The City Dinner will take place at restaurant ‘Bazar’ in downtown Amsterdam. Colourful dinner tables, striking lamps and joyful music create the atmosphere of a street market very far away. The dishes are mainly from North Africa and the Middle East.
(Get your voucher by online accreditation or go to the guest desk at the festival. Limited seats available, make sure you register timely. Additional fee €30.)

Don’t miss this opportunity to be fully informed about the latest developments in children’s media during the 2-day Cinekid Experience programme!

Tickets for the Cinekid Experience are priced at €165 – Tickets to the conference, seminar and masterclass are separately available. For the full Cinekid Experience Programme and tickets please read here. Ticketing will be online as of Friday 20 September.