2016 Cinekid for Professionals Award Winners

Two major prizes were handed out to projects selected for this year’s Junior Co-Production Market during the closing ceremony of Cinekid for Professionals 2016.

The Eurimages Co-production Development Award was granted to the Best Film Project presented during the Junior Co-production Market. The Award was given by European support fund Eurimages with the duel intention of supporting European youth film and to further stimulate European co-production. The winner received €20,000.

A select jury gave the Junior Co-production Market Best Project Award to the best overall project of the Junior Co-production Market, based on its quality, innovation and international potential. The award is accompanied by a €2,500 cash prize.

The winner of the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award 2016 is:

HAND IN HAND, written by Erik Ahrnbom, Grethe Bøe-Waal. Directed by Grethe Bøe-Waal. Produced by MINT ab (Sweden, Norway, Germany)

Jury citation:

“We would like to hand out this award to a film that tackles a difficult subject with a lighter and empowering story. A film that will probably appeal to a large audience, while adding another more complex layer. It’s about children who are set apart in society, providing them the tools to find their own strength. Two girls who are outsiders, bullied by their friends, find their own path by working together and taking responsibility where others don’t. It’s a clear metaphor for how bullying is often dealt with, a topic that is universal, relevant and important to address.

Special Mentions of the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award 2016:

RASPBERRIES WITH MUSTARD, written by Ruth Olshan, Heike Fink. Directed by Ruth Olshan. Produced by zischlermann filmproduktion GmbH (Germany)

Jury citation:

“We would like to make a special mention of this delicately balanced film that shows an angry but brave young girl who is grieving for the loss of her mother.”

16, written and directed by Kenneth Elvebakk, produced by Fuglene AS (Norway)

Jury citation:

“It’s a beautiful, daring feature that observes those who are, unfortunately so often, still seen as different. Kenneth Elvebakk’s dedication to the subject, and the delicate way he wants to portray the main characters, is inspiring.”

The winner of the Junior Co-production Market Best Project Award 2016 is:

HUNGRY BEAR TALES, written and directed by Katerina Karhankova and Alexandra Hetmerova. Produced by Bionaut (Czech Republic)

Jury citation:

“The project we ultimately selected charmed us all with its beautiful hand-painted animation and it’s very clear and creative storytelling. With a distinctive artistic style that highlights a friendship between a big and little bear, it will appeal to its target audience of 4 to 8 years -  and those with a sweet tooth.”

The Special Mention of the Junior Co-production Market Best Project Award 2016 went to:

MOUSE MANSION written by Camiel Schouwenaar, Fiona Van Heemstra and Steve Middleton. Directed by Camiel Schouwenaar. Produced by Rubinstein Pictures (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany)

Jury citation:

“We wanted to give a special mention to Mouse Mansion for its beautiful animation and storytelling, and for bringing a classic story to a new generation of young audiences. ”   

Cinekid for Professionals

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