Credits picture: Jospeph Callioni, Les Voyages de Capitaine Futur 

On September 15 the international partners of the Cinekid project Capitaine Futur (La Gaite Lyrique, Paris; KiKK from Namurs and Woelab) gathered in Amsterdam to deliberate over the very successful Open Call for three new commissioned works to be created in the winter of 2017/2018 ahead of a tour across four partner festivals and venues commencing April 2018.

170 highly talented artists from across the world submitted proposals, forcing the jury to take some tough decisions. The overwhelming response clearly underlines the relevance of the project’s theme: the fusion of nature and technology as we assess the future of our planet.

The winners of the Capitaine Futur will be presented at the Cinekid MediaLab Night on October 25, during the Cinekid festival.