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Thursday 20 October 2016
09:30 - 12:30 (12:30 -14:00: Lunch)
North Sea Jazz Club

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Media Literacy Seminar & Workshop: Cultural Identity Construction

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Media plays an important role in the development of cultural identity, so there is a need for tools and materials to help children comprehend its effects and to contextualise media messages. But there is also need for awareness about how young people are constructing their own identities with media.

The theme of his year’s seminar will address the role media plays in presenting to children and young people issues such as Euroscepticism and Brexit, the refugee crisis, attacks by Islamic State and the rise of nationalist groups. Media plays a big part in the way we view our own culture and the cultures of others and can help us understand more clearly cultural differences

Therefore our goal during the seminar is to make educators, mediamakers and producers of educational content aware of the effects that media has on the creation of cultural identity by young people and also to create an understanding of how young people are creating and finding their own identities in (online) media and communities.

Questions that will be addressed:

  • How do young people view themselves and others?
  • What role does their own media creation have in forming (or affirming) their own cultural identity?
  • How do we make sure young people are empowered to construct their own cultural identity?
  • Can we teach young people how to interpret media messages and also give them the tools to be mediamakers themselves?
  • Many young people do not see themselves or their cultural identity represented in mainstream media. Do we need to be informed about these concerns and make changes to influence mainstream media?

By organising this seminar, we intend to inspire, bring together and connect mediamakers, educators and producers of educational content and facilitate an exchange of ideas.



Moderator: David KleemanSVP of Global Trends for Dubit

Opening word: John Leek,

  • Influence of media on cultural identity construction & learning to interpret these messages

Nathalie Bank(PhD), Cyber Influence Warfare researcher at the Dutch Defence Academy, University of Utrecht and TNO

Using Islamic State’s online strategy as a case study, Bank will analyse how young people are influenced by media messages in creating their own cultural identity, and what tools work to help young people interpret media messages and images.

  • Providing tools to make media, and communicating your identities 

Hannah Higginson, Engagement producer at Watershed
Mthoba Chapi, director at Vuselela-Media NPC in Johannesburg

Media often fails to reach or represent the diverse range of cultural identities out there. Both Watershed in Bristol (UK) and Vuselela Media in South Africa are engaging young and diverse communities, providing them with tools to be content creators themselves and to express their own identities within media.

Watershed is a social enterprise and registered charity. As the leading film culture and digital media centre in the South West of England, Watershed advances education, skills, appreciation and understanding of the arts with a particular focus on film, media and digital technologies. Watershed develops cultural engagement, imagination and talent, in the belief that the route to better futures is open, disruptive and co-produced. 

Vuselela Media
Bona Retsang is a youth magazine television show, produced by Vuselela Media, that has broadcasted on SABC 1 in South Africa since 2013. It is a platform that brings to light young people’s daily challenges across South Africa. The first two seasons involved content produced by young video producers from marginalised communities who were trained by the Vuselela Media Academy in storytelling, camerawork & video editing.

  • Using media to create your own cultural identity

Jasmine Thompson, illustrator and content creator for RIFE Magazine

Creating your own online channels is easier than ever and young people are, increasingly, becoming successful media makers themselves. This gives them the opportunity to communicate their identities. Jasmine Thompson is a content creator for RIFE magazine, a youth magazine made by the young people of Bristol for the young people of Bristol. In her content she explores race, integration and cultural identity issues.

  • Creating awareness: mobile storytelling workshop by EYE Film Institute

Florine Wiebenga, Head of Education at EYE Film Institute

This short workshop aims to create awareness about image manipulation by telling stories using a sequence of images. Make sure your phone is charged!


Confirmed Speakers

David Kleeman (moderator)

Strategist, analyst, author, speaker — David Kleeman helps the children’s media industry develop sustainable, kid-friendly practices. He is SVP of Global Trends for Dubit, a strategy and research consultancy and digital creator. For 25 years, Kleeman ran the American Center for Children and Media, a creative professional development center. He is PRIX JEUNESSE advisory board chair, and on boards of the National Association for Media Literacy Education and Television Academy. David seeks best practices worldwide; he has spoken on six continents. @davidkleeman @dubit

Nathalie Bank

Nathalie Bank (PhD researcher) is Cyber Influence Warfare researcher at the Dutch Defence Academy, University of Utrecht and TNO, and graduate media scientist and historian at the University of Amsterdam. She specialises in how online media activities influence behaviour in conflicts, using the Islamic State as case study. Nathalie also gives workshops at schools on how to deal with extreme images and messages from the media, which may lead to, among other things, polarization in the classroom. @WorldlyNathalie

Mthoba Chapi

Mthoba Chapi is one of three directors at Vuselela-Media NPC in Johannesburg. He is a qualified writer and audiovisual producer of television news stories, features and various other broadcasting formats. He is an accredited assessor and skills development director in Film and Television Production with a certificate from Media, Information & Communications Technology (MICT) SETA in South Africa. He has done work for European organisations like the European Journalism Council, Free Press Unlimited, DW Akademie and Mensen Met Een Missie that run projects around the world. In 2015 he delivered a presentation on Vuselela-Media’s media literacy skills development initiatives at the 2015 Southern African Broadcasting Association conference in Kigali.  @BonaRetsang


Hannah Higginson

Hannah Higginson is Watershed’s Engagement Producer. She coordinates a range of projects that engage diverse groups of young people in digital media and film through targeted screenings, events and projects. These opportunities develop their experience and networks so they can flourish both professionally and personally, and offer the opportunity to participate in the cultural and creative life of Bristol and beyond. Before working at Watershed she worked in the fashion education coordinating projects around sustainability for Labour Behind the Label and University of the Arts London. @HannaHigginson @wshed


Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson is an illustrator and designer based in Bristol. She works actively as a reportage artist, and also makes comic books and graphic non-fictions. Her recent work focusses around cultural issues, hair and identity, and her current job is working as a content creator for Rife Magazine.  @rifemag @jasmineshanice123 

 John Leek


John Leek studied at the Teachter Training Institute of Vrije Universiteit and  Educational Sciences (instructional design, media didactics) at University of Amsterdam, where he graduated on the visual imagery of 'Nintendo Kids'. (1994)
He worked as mentor and training developer at Psychological Pedagogical Institute of Amsterdam (1984-1994), co-developed the national science and technology centre NEMO (1994-2000) and now works at Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. 
At the Institute he was responsible for concept-development of interactives in the media experience (museum) and the educational strategy. He was one of the pioneers / founders of the Dutch Media literacy network organisation, initiated the Hilversum Media Campus (2013) and now is responsible for development and strategic partnerships to completely renew the media museum of Sound and Vision, where media literacy is an important issue. John is also member of the programme team of @johnwmleek @Mediawijzer 
Florine Wiebenga (‘78) studied Media Studies and Pedagogy at the University of Utrecht, Stockholm and Amsterdam. Since 2005 she’s been participating in a number of national and international projects around film and media literacy. Currently Wiebenga is Head of Education at EYE Film Museum and partner in the European project ABCinema. Expertise: peer education, innovative learning strategies, formal and informal learning. @flowieb @EYE_film