Kids & Docs

Kids & Docs is a workshop organised by Cinekid and the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), with the support of the NPO fund and is run in association with the Dutch public broadcasters and youth TV station Zapp. 
During the three-month workshop, six highly talented filmmakers are given support to develop a film plan for a children’s documentary with a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The starting point for all these documentaries is the way children experience the world. Over this period the doc-makers will work closely with all the participating broadcasters. The films produced are of mature quality: a substantial part of the over seventy films made over the past years has travelled around the world and received many awards. 
Applications for financial support to facilitate the development of the documentary plans of the 2018 edition have to be submitted to the NPO fund (NPO-fonds) before 5 June. 
The documentaries will premiere at the Cinekid Festival in October and/or IDFA in November 2017 (provided they are completed in time) before eventual broadcast on Zapp.


Participants 2018

Public Broadcaster




Tangerine Tree

Kim Faber



Iris Grob


Mint Film Of​fice

Anne van Campenhout



Sara Kolster


Kaliber Film

Cassandra Offenberg


Tangerine Tree

René van Zundert