Floor van Spaendonck new director Cinekid

Floor van Spaendonck appointed new Cinekid director  

As of 1 February 2017, Floor van Spaendonck will be appointed director of the Cinekid Foundation. The reins are handed to her by Sannette Naeyé who, after twenty dedicated years, has decided to leave Cinekid, so she can focus on new projects.

Floor van Spaendonck has an extensive background in the cultural sector and is currently Head of Policy and Current Affairs at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. Apart from an experienced administrator, Van Spaendonck is an expert in digital culture with an educational background. In the period 2008-2012, she was the director of the Virtueel Platform, and at Het Nieuwe Instituut she was responsible for the development of policy frameworks. Under her supervision, scores of successful international and regional programmes were realised, as well as the Agency for Architecture, Design and Digital Culture, the international and regional programme for and by professionals.

She is well acquainted with Cinekid through her involvement with the MediaLab and the Professionals programmes, for which she developed various activities.

By appointing Floor van Spaendonck, Cinekid hopes to strengthen and broaden its brand identity in high-quality media for children: “Floor has a significant record of service when it comes to propagating the social importance of media culture and putting it on the agenda. In addition, she boasts an extensive network and is adept at creating linkages with other players in the field. We are very happy she will now deploy this experience for Cinekid”.

Under Sannette Naeyé’s management, Cinekid expanded into an authoritative institute that is a fixture in the (inter)national cultural and educational landscape. More than 80,000 children and their escorts annually come into contact with quality media at the Cinekid Festival and the Cinekid on Location satellite festivals in some 35 cities across the Netherlands, during educational programmes for school classes, via Cinekid AppLab and through many other projects of the Cinekid Foundation. As early as the 1990s, she anticipated how influential new media would be for the development of a child. She initiated a New Media department and set up the MediaLab, which with its 1200 m2 and over fifty interactive installations, workshops and games has now grown into the largest digital playground of Europe. For her merits, Naeyé in 2011 received the Lifetime Achievement Award from CIFEJ, the International Center of Films for Children and Young People.

'I’m truly confident that Cinekid and Floor will form a strong pact. Floor is well-versed in the many new directions media and film are taking. And more importantly, she couples solid policies with an astute nose for quality and the notion which direction to take. Cinekid has to remain in the vanguard and will therefore be in safe hands with Floor’, Naeyé says.


On behalf of the board of Cinekid,

Martien Kuitenbrouwer