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Cinekid Script LAB is a four-month script-training programme for writers with a children's film project. The training was initiated by Cinekid in 2014, and takes place during Cinekid for Professionals in October, and the Berlinale the following February. The event is co-funded by national institutes such as Flanders Audiovisual Fund (BE), Norwegian Film Institute (NO), Swedish Film Institute (SE), Netherlands Film Fund (NL), the Icelandic Film Institute (IC) and the Finnish Film Foundation (FI).

During the Cinekid Script LAB an international group of writers and writer/directors will work on their plans for children’s feature films. The programme offers tailor-made coaching and training; it answers to the specific writer’s and story’s needs, along a four month trajectory.

Open Call 

As of the 2017/2018 edition of Cinekid Script LAB, it is possible to participate without a nomination through one of the partnering institutes. Six projects are selected through our partners, and six projects are selected through our open call. For questions, kindly contact

Projects and participating writers selected for Cinekid Script LAB 2017 – 2018

Nominated by Norwegian Film Institute
Project: Free
Writers: Guro Ekornholmen, Anniken Fjesme
Production country: Norway
Nominated by Flanders Audiovisual Fund
Project: My Dad is a Sausage
Writer: Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem, Anouk Fortunier
Production company: A Private View
Production countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany
Nominated by Swedish Film Institute
Project: North
Writer: Camilla Hübbe
Production companies: Unlimited Stories; Sequoia Global Alliance
Production country: Sweden
Nominated by Netherlands Film Fund
Project: Spitsbergen
Writer: Suzie Templeton
Production companies: Studio Rosto A.D., Lunanime NL
Production country: The Netherlands
Nominated by Icelandic Film Centre
Project: The Man Who Hated Children
Writers: Gunnar Björn Guðmundsson
Production companies: The Icelandic Film Company; Kisi Production
Production country: Iceland
Nominated by Finnish Film Foundation
Project: The White Unicorn
Writer: Elin Grönblom
Production country: Finland
Projects from open call:
Project: Iro
Writer: Janne Vierth, Maremi Watanabe
Production company: Dragon Film
Production countries: Sweden, Denmark
Project: Maya
Writer: Nick Hegreberg
Production country: Norway
Project: My Sister Super Stella
Writer: Mari Monrad Vistven
Production company: Medieoperatørene
Production country: Norway
Project: Stela
Writer: Eva Kamchevska
Production company: Dream Factory Macedonia
Production countries: Macedonia, Italy
Project: Super-Granny
Writer: Julie Skaufel
Production company: Onkel Film
Production country: Norway
Project: The Mozart Question
Writer: Wouter Van Haver
Production company: Vivi Film
Production country: Belgium
Project: Twig
Writer: Jarkko Olavi Virtanen
Production company: Pohjola-filmi
Production country: Finland

Points of focus

·         Connecting writers who are working on scripts for young audiences;

·         Increasing the international network of its participants;

·         Facilitating exchange of knowledge between its participants;

·         Offering a specific focus on writing for young audiences;

·         Improving the writing and pitching skills of its participants;

·         Development towards a new (and better) draft of their script.


Programme outline

October – Cinekid for Professionals

·         Day 1: Introduction to fellow participants; individual coaching

·         Day 2: Individual coaching

·         Day 3: Plenary character workshop

·         Day 4: Come back sessions  

·         Day 5: Participation in Cinekid for Professionals


November to January – follow-up sessions

·         Participants reconnect with their coach to discuss their progress (by phone or Skype)


February – Berlinale

·         Day 1: Individual coaching

·         Day 2: Individual coaching; screening(s) Generation program

·         Day 3: Plenary pitching workshop

·         Day 4: Come back sessions

·         Day5: Participation in the Berlinale


Script LAB is organised in close collaboration with these international partner organisations and funding bodies:

Netherlands Film Fund (NETHERLANDS)

Finnish Film Foundation (FINLAND)             

Flanders Audiovisual Fund (BELGIUM)                                 

Icelandic Film Centre (ICELAND)                             

Norwegian Film Institute (NORWAY)                   

Swedish Film Institute (SWEDEN)       


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