Entry information for completed works

Film, TV & ScreeningClub
The entry form for the submission of completed films and TV productions for the 32nd edition of Cinekid festival and for the ScreeningClub will be online 1 May. The deadline for submissions for the festival will be 1 July, the deadline for the ScreeningClub is 3 September

Regulations for the International and Dutch competitions and for Cinekid ScreeningClub can be found below:


Digital Culture
The entry forms for Digital Culture productions and Cinekid Media Awards can be found here:

The regulations and open calls can be found below:


Entry information for projects in development

Junior Co-production Market
The entry form for submissions for films and TV-productions still in development will be online 1 May, the deadline for submissions is 15 June. More information can be found here, regulations can be found here.


Cinekid Script LAB
The entry form for Cinekid Script LAB will be online 1 May, the deadline is 1 June. More information can be found here, the regulations for Cinekid Script LAB can be found here.



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