Wim Pel Productions - Award Best Project 2012

3 winning projects of the Junior Co-production Market were highlighted during Cinekid for Professionals 2012.



The Awards handed out were:

WPP Award Best Project
Prime4Kids – Cinekid Award
Cinekid Pixel Project Award

WPP Award Best Project (Wim Pel Productions)
We were very pleased to hand out the WPP Award for Best Project of the Junior Co-production Market for most promising project for the first time. The criteria were originality and potential to co-produce. The prize was offered by our esteemed sponsor Wim Pel Productions which is an audio post-production and dubbing company based in The Netherlands. They work on both national and international projects. They are currently working on MIFFY the Movie.


The jury has chosen 3 projects of which 2 received a special mention and one was awarded with a cheque of €10.000 which can be spend on audio post-production at WPP studios.


The winning project was the film My Family and the Wolf  (Production company Nectarious Films, represented by Christine Ponzevera, France).


The two special mentions were:
Gigglebug (Production company Anima Boutique, represented by producer Anttu Harlin, Finland) Cross Media Project
Casparade (Production company Human Ark, represented by producers Kuba Kosma and Wojtek Wawszczyk, Poland) TV Series














                                                              Photo by Jullian Hillebrand