Frequently asked questions


  • Where and when does the Cinekid Festival take place - Date and Venue?
    The 30th International Children's Film, Television and New Media Festival Cinekid took place from the 15-21 October 2016 at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Address: Pazzanistraat 33, 1014 DB Amsterdam. The dates for the 2017 edition will be announced shortly.


  • What are the dates and locations of Cinekid for Professionals?
    24 – 27 October 2017 at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Cinekid for Professionals takes place at the same location as the Cinekid Festival. Find all the CfP locations here.
  • How do I register for Cinekid for Professionals?
    If you would like to attend the seminars, workshops, masterclasses, the Professionals Conference, the Festival programme and various networking events, please visit our accreditation page.  
  • Can I attend the Junior Co-production Market?
    We are looking for professionals that can significantly contribute to the projects that are pitched at the Junior Co-Production Market. If you’re interested to attend and consider your presence valuable for the producers, please contact us via If you would like to know our regulations and/or to register for our Junior Co-production Market: click here.
  • Can I attend the ScreeningClub?
    Only buyers and programmers will be granted access to our ScreeningClub as we want to make sure the business practiced during these events is highly efficient for all professionals attending. However you can make use of one of our five screenings booths for non-buyers but these booths will need to be vacated upon arrival of another interested party. If you would like to read our regulations and/or to submit your finished production or programme for the ScreeningClub: click here.
  • How are the entries of the Junior Co-production Market judged?
    Entries are judged by the Head of CfP together with the general Advisory Board and staff of CfP. We will evaluate your project based on the minimum financing quote of 10%, creativity, quality and potential to cross borders.
  • What does the accreditation fee cover?
    The accreditation fee in 2016 was €115,- and provided you with:

·         Festival passe-partout which will grant you access to the international screenings and the MediaLab (please note: you still need to collect free tickets for screenings at the box office)

·         Access to the Opening Drinks

·         Industry Lunch (3x)

·         Cinekid for Professionals Industry Drinks (3x)

·         A €50 discount on the Professionals Conference (remaining fee: €75)

·         The opportunity to attend the Industry Dinner (upon an additional payment of €35)

·         Free access to the Masterclass Children's Animation (purchase your free ticket via MyCinekid)

·         Free access to the European Film Forum (purchase your free ticket via MyCinekid)

·         Free access to the Seminar: Introducing Children's film in China (RSVP to

·         A guest bag (containing all the necessary festival and Cinekid for Professionals publications)

  • Can I attend separate events?
    Yes, you can purchase seperate tickets for most of our events. 
  • How do I purchase tickets for the Conference and Seminar programme?
    You can purchase separate tickets for all our events online or at the guest desk at the festival site. Please note that tickets might be sold out at the guest desk. Therefore we strongly advise to purchase your tickets in advance on our website.


  • When could my film be considered for selection in Cinekid’s International Film Competition?
    The film competition programme is limited to 15 feature films. International films for Children and Youth films produced in 2016 / 2017 can be selected for the competition programme, provided that the film has not been released in the Netherlands. New Dutch produced films can be selected for international competition, provided that the film has not been released in the Netherlands before the starting date of the national autumn holiday 2017.

    For further details about the programme and prizes, click here.
    For the regulations, click here. To submit your film, click here.
  • Does Cinekid have an international shorts programme?
    Features can be selected for all programmes. However, short films can only be selected for occasional special programmes and for the ScreeningClub Market. Cinekid does not host an international shorts competition.


  • When could my New Media production be considered for selection for the MediaLab or the Cinekid Lion for Best New Media Production?
    For further details about the programme and prizes, click here.
  • I want to send assets (images, trailers etc.) but there is no upload option on the registration form.
    You can send a link to the assets ( of your FTP server) for the Cinekid Lion for Best New Media Production to


For all other questions regarding Cinekid for Professionals, please don't hesitate to contact: