Minecraft Masterclass for grown ups

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What is the magic of Minecraft? Why is Minecraft the preferred space to be, to play in, and to build for more than 70 million users all over the world, most of them children? What makes this surreal space so authentic for its audience? During the Minecraft Masterclass participants are invited to have a go, to play and build under the watchful eye of coach Adam Clarke and his online collaborators.

Adam Clarke is an artist who uses Minecraft, games, traditional art and technology to inspire and entertain, working globally with institutions, museums, schools and companies to find ground breaking ways to interact with a young gamers. He recently worked with Tate on Tate Worlds, a recreation of part of the Tate collection in Minecraft.

Adam also produces an online YouTube Channel “Everyday Minecraft” and co-stars in stampylonghead's new Minecraft show WonderQuest as Wizard Keen. His current project, Tateworlds, is a series of playable Minecraft maps where the player can explore and interact with famous artworks. He has recently worked with David Best and Artichoke on Templecraft in Derry-LondonDerry.

“Lots of people enjoy labels and call me a technologist or digital artist - but really I am just very curious and I enjoy pressing the wrong buttons and making thing up as I go along.”



- Masterclass: 14:00 - 17:00

- Presentations and drinks: 17:00 - 18:00

Price: 60 per person.

Pre-registration via masterclass@cinekid.nl:
Please state your full name, company, field of expertise.

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